How I Heard About Banish Acne Scars and my Personal Results

By: Brooke

I have searched every corner of the internet to find the remedy to my acne scars. My acne has never been bad, but when I turned 21, my face broke out constantly and now it has left scars all over my jawline and chin. After expressing my frustration about the lack of results I was getting from many products, my sister brought my attention to the Banish website, and how well their products had worked for her.

I asked my friends if they had heard about it and one said the Banish Pen Stamp was a miracle worker for her face. However, I was still skeptical about trying a Banish product out, like I was with any other skin product. I began researching reviews on YouTube. I didn’t find a single negative review. My sister urged me to give it a try and see how it works for my skin. So I decided to check out the face serums and masks they offered.

I purchased the Banish Pumpkin Enzyme masque because it looked refreshing and was a quality buy for a low price. I was very excited to try it out. I’m glad I heard about the site because I was exhausted from lies I received from other companies. I was at my wit’s end but this really helped my face. After I got the Banish masque (awesome speed on the shipping!) I used it frequently and saw my scars fading away. My husband saw noticeable results and wanted to try it for himself. I continue suggesting Banish products to my friends for their skin problems. One tried the large Banisher for her post-birth stretch marks and witnessed an astonishing outcome.

I am grateful for finding out about Banish Acne Scars and I can’t wait to try more of their products!

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