Color Me Beautiful Color Season Analysis

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Carole Jackson came up with the Color Me Beautiful theory. The theory determines which colors work for someone based off of their natural coloring. Skin, hair, and eyes have certain undertones and the color of someone’s clothing may clash or mesh. When matched with flattering colors, the person “glows”.

A Spring is someone with clear, warm undertones. Their cheeks turn a peachy color when they blush. Hair colors range from light blonde to medium brown to strawberry blonde. Hair has golden or red undertones. The color of the eyes is clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel, or light brown. Springs look good in light blue, salmon, peach, mango, lime green, baby yellow, teal, light gray, and millennial pink.

A Summer is someone with cool undertones and blush in a cool, rosy color. Their hair color ranges from light blonde to medium brown with cool, ashy undertones. Eye colors include blue, blue-gray, cool green, and grey-brown. Summers look good in icy blue, baby pink, periwinkle, lilac, pebble violet, hibiscus, maroon, and berry.

An Autumn has warm, golden undertones with rich coloring, low contrast in their features. Their hair color ranges from mid-brown to black, or medium to deep red with golden or red undertones. Eye colors can be hazel, medium brown, black-brown, olive, or warm green. They look good in true red, burgundy, true yellow, true orange, olive green, forest green, camouflage green, nude, navy, and brown.

A Winter has cool or olive undertones with high contrast, deep coloring. The color of their hair can be ashy mid-brown, dark brown, or black with cool undertones. Eye colors can be mid-brown, black-brown, blue-gray, clear blue, or cool green. Colors they look good in are: violet, icy yellow, icy blue, icy pink, gray, true blue, hot pink, forest green, and black.

For those who do not know, cool undertones are either pink or blue and warm undertones are either yellow, peachy, or golden. A few people have neutral tones, which mean they have a mixture of both undertones. Some people with neutral skin tones may lean slightly one way over the other.

There are sub-divisions within each season for more specific color matching; these are determined by the degree of depth, amount of contrast, and tones. The sub-divisions are clear, soft, cool, or warm. Sometimes, people have a certain combination of undertones which make them a blend of two color seasons, meaning they can pull off colors from both of those seasons.

Well, there you have it. I hope this Color Me Beautiful color season analysis is of big help to you as you style your way this month.

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