Fighting This Losing Battle with Acne

By: Shadoe

Where to begin? I can barely remember the days of not having acne prone skin. Oh, how those were the days. I thought I was invincible, but it was right around the corner ready to attack, to attack full force. Sixth grade was awful not only was I trying to find my place in this big, terrifying world they call “Middle School” I was also having to deal with this random onset of unforgiving acne.

It literally came all at once, I kid you not, and it seemed like no matter what I did it would not go away. I used to wash my face multiple times a day but no matter how clean my face was it stayed, and to make matters worse it even became more noticeable and just overall irritated it. I literally thought that me cleaning my face every time it got slightly dirty was doing it well, but it was hurting it more and more.

I did not know that there was such a thing as a skin type, pore size (follicle size), heredity, and pH balance. I simply thought that acne was dirt inside of my skin that needed to be scrubbed, scratched, and pried out. Honestly, I did not start realizing this stuff until my early twenties. I have tried and tested just about everything on my face such as harmful acids that claim to dry up acne, masks, scrubs, peels, D.I.Y remedies, exfoliators, extractors, cleansers, and medicines but still this problem of ten years would not resolve or even get better.

It is now at the age of 22 that I have started to see a breakthrough, and the main reasons that this has happened is because of personal research and my cosmetology course in school. I have learned and progressed so much in these last three months than all the years that I have struggled with middle and high school combined.

Through all the hard work I have realized that skin type is one of the first things you should consider when dealing with your skin and how to treat your underlying issues.

I have learned that acne does not mean that your face is dirty and that you need to spend every waking moment washing it or resisting to touch it. That acne prone skin can actually be hereditary and that your pH, hormones, and what you eat and drink can be a major factor to your overall look and feel of your skin. I had no idea that a positive outlook on life and daily exercise could truly make you glow and radiate inside and out, and I definitely would've never guessed that a proper SPF and moisturizer were needed every day.

If you just take the time to find out your skin type and research the best and most effective ways to treat your issues based on your skin, eat a balanced diet (knocking out fatty acids, sweets, and processed foods), drink plenty of water, try to be more positive, exercise, use daily appropriate SPF and moisturizer, and pick the right cleansers that keep your skin at a close pH of 4.5-5.5 then you will start to see the difference too. I know this sounds like a lot but there is so much more that we have to do on a daily to win this thing. Just take this one small step at a time and I promise it will get better. If you’re like me and are tired of fighting you will do just about anything to win for once! Just remember you are not alone!

If you keep having breakouts just use more acne medicine. No, do not do this. Use the proper amount for your skin and the proper amount recommended by your dermatologist. They know what they are doing! Trust me they went to twelve years of school to be what they are today, and if you have some concerns talk to them they will help! If you use more it can over dehydrate and dry out the skin, which will cause skin irritations and blemishes. 

These were just some more interesting myths that so many of us think are true. After reading this let others know, spread the word. We have to stop believing these dumb myths that are branded into our minds. The more you know the closer you are to clearing up that beautiful skin.

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