How I Cleared My Acne Scars

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By: Samantha Rizzo

I’m a creature of habit, and as much as I love the excitement of trying new products, I prefer to stick with the brands that I know and trust.

I found Banish skin care when my skin needed it the most, around 4 years ago. I was dealing with painful breakouts after coming off birth control, and I was having a hard time finding vegan products that my skin agreed with.

I was drawn to Banish skin care for several reasons:

⦁ They offer vegan and cruelty-free products
⦁ They use simple, effective, eco-friendly ingredients
⦁ They have a small business feel with big business mentality
⦁ The owner created the brand out of her own experience growing up with acne

Giving this brand a shot was a no-brainer for me. They have everything I was looking for, including the personal touch of having a company that I felt cared about me and my skin.
Over time I began to try each of their products. Each product from Banish skin care has added value to my routine in unique but significant ways. I have only enjoyed the brand more as I have watched them evolve and improve their line.


I have what you would call “problem skin”. This just means that I regularly have one or more skin conditions.

For example, I deal with a lot of skin issues, from redness, inflammation and irritation, to hormonal and fungal acne. My skin is also sensitive, both to the products I use and to internal changes like diet and stress. On top of this, I also have skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, scarring and large pores (from acne and years of sun damage).

This means that I need skin care products that will address as many of these issues as possible without irritating the other issues.

No easy feat. Anyone with problem skin can relate that having temperamental skin can be a pretty big hurdle in finding products that work.

Thankfully, Banish skin care has products that meet all of my skin’s needs and then some.


Let me start by saying that I don’t just love Banish for their skin care products. Any company can make a product that works.

What makes Banish skin care special is in everything else they do on top of their amazing products.

Not only does Banish work with several important charities, they also work tirelessly to create a much-needed atmosphere of self-love and acceptance in the beauty industry.

I feel as though Banish is about as well-balanced as skin care companies come, in terms of providing superior products, and giving back to the community in valuable ways.

But enough gushing. Let’s get into the good stuff – how each product from Banish skin care improved my skin.


Let’s start with the pore smasher, because I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.

The Pore Smasher basically acts as an icy-cold compress to fight the look of large pores and redness.

After years of tanning bed use, my pores on my forehead and around my nose are stretched and massive. I also have a lot of inflammation all over, so I knew The Pore Smasher would be a good choice.

Not only is The Pore Smasher a perfect blast of cool calmness for hot summer days, but it also doubles as a mild numbing agent for the use of The Banisher (more on that baby next!).

My favorite part about The Pore Smasher is that I don’t have to rub a melting ice cube all over my face to reduce puffiness, redness, and inflammation. Instead, using The Pore Smasher, I’m left with a refreshed and revitalized complexion. It really perks up my tired skin in the mornings, too.
I’m reviewing these together because they really do go best together.

The Banisher works by creating micro-holes in the skin, which causes the skin to heal and repair itself with new tissue. Over time and with regular use, this can smooth out even deeper scars.

But! If you add the Banish Oil in, with its healing and repairing ingredients like vitamin C, ferulic acid, vitamin E, and rosehip seed oil (all amazing for your skin), the results are even more amazing.
Years of chronic and inflammatory acne left my skin blemished with marks and scars even after the acne cleared up. Topical remedies alone only worked so much, but were no matches for the deep, textured scars.

Some benefits of using this iconic duo for my skin were immediate, including a brighter and fuller complexion, and improved penetration of topical products (hello, hydration).

Over time, using The Banisher + Banish Oil combo has:

⦁ sped up the healing of my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
⦁ smoothed out my boxcar and ice pick scars
⦁ improved the overall look and texture of my skin

I also adore the Stamper version which is my personal favorite. It allows me to target particularly pesky spots and manoeuvre stealthily around active acne.

If there is one thing from Banish skin care I would never give up, it’s The Banisher + Banish Oil combo because it’s the only thing that’s made a noticeable and lasting difference in my acne scars.


Banish skin care offers a unique moisturizer formula for oily, acne-prone skin in this Vitamin C Crème, which is:

⦁ light
⦁ non-greasy
⦁ hydrating
⦁ healing and repairing
Not only that, it also happens to be a wonderful formula for sensitive skin like mine, as it contains soothing ingredients and no irritants. Aloe takes the place of water in this formula, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps calm irritated skin.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that will fight your acne without clogging your pores and creating more issues, this gentle formula is a safe bet.


This is one of the first products I tried from Banish skin care, and I’ve been using it ever since.
Every morning I use it as the last step in my routine, as an added layer of protection from free radical damage and as a primo makeup setting spray.

I’m normally not a fan of face sprays, but the fact that this one contains anti-microbial tea tree oil puts it at the top of my favorites list.

My skin drinks in the extra hydration, the vitamin C battles my inflammation and brightens my skin, and the willow bark and tea tree oil ensure that my skin is fighting acne every step of the way.


Who loves a good clay mask? Everyone, that’s who.
My skin is prone to both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, and this mask works great for both types. It’s:

⦁ great for reducing my skin’s oiliness
⦁ keeps my skin free from clogged pores and acne
⦁ revives my skin when it’s tired and dry
⦁ increases circulation to fight dullness and brighten my complexion

The clay mask is my favorite to use the day of a big event especially, because I know that my skin will glow, and my makeup will sit flawless on its canvas all night long.

While the mask will leave your skin a little bit red immediately after use, it will fade, and your skin will be left looking bright and fresh.


I saved the best (read: my favorite) of the Banish skin care line for last, because as much as I adore the other products, nothing has compared to this stellar mask formula for tackling my stubborn acne.

No mask I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a lot) does what this pumpkin masque does. Thanks to ingredients like glycolic acid and pumpkin:

⦁ it moisturizes and brightens dull, dry skin
⦁ it lightens dark marks and hyperpigmentation
⦁ it clears up existing acne and helps keep my skin acne-free
⦁ it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

I like to use it at least once a week, which helps keep my skin bright and clear. Plus, even though it has powerful enzymes to exfoliate and renew skin, it’s gentle enough that my sensitive skin tolerates it no problem.


To me, skin care is so much more than just cute packages, sub-par ingredients and corporate gimmicks.

Banish skin care goes above and beyond in so many ways, making them one of my most favorite and trusted companies to support and do business with.

At the end of the day, any company that contributes to the betterment of self-worth and society, is a company you should give a shot.

And I’m a walking example of how Banish skin care can improve your skin in so many ways.

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