How Brian Turner Cured His Acne

How Brian Turner Cured His Acne

“Scars may give somewhat of a character to the person, I notice it in a good way in other people because I have also gone through the same experience with acne.”

Brian Turner- a vegan, bodybuilder, fitness fiend, and podcaster reveal his long struggle with severe acne.




He began a YouTube channel 8 years ago because he felt as if he was always answering the same questions during the days when he would personally train people, so he made YouTube videos to maximize the sessions of those he was training. After about 6 months, he had received a  message from a viewer informing how he lost 80 pounds from watching the videos.

Brian felt that it was crazy that he has never met the guy in his life and that losing 80 pounds is enough to turn a life around. He then realized that if he doesn't keep making and uploading videos, all the people he would have helped in the future by making such content, wouldn’t have been helped. This is what motivates him to persist for 8 years and onwards, but during his early days on youtube, he also dealt with cystic acne.

 In Brian’s own battle with his acne, he divulged that he did not try every single thing in the world to cure his acne scars... Instead, he started with Retin-A and then dermapen, in which he said was quite costly at  $400 a session. A tattoo cream was involved and the dermapen. This was done for three sessions. In the initial months, he felt nothing had changed. However, 6 or more months passed before he saw the effects of the dermapen treatment.

His top three tips for his acne cure are:

  1. Cut down or eliminate dairy to cure acne. Cut down dairy as he noticed it was what caused his cystic acne.
  2. Prioritize enough sleep. To sleep better and to lower the stress. Better sleep may lower stress and nothing else is better for your body and general well-being than getting enough sleep.
  3. Consuming whole foods to eliminate acne. Consume whole foods instead of processed foods. Foods that are high in sugar and fat, and processed with plenty of oil contributes greatly to acne. This is scientifically proven through in torque in your blood. He agrees it is mostly diet that has helped him overcome his acne.

How To Go Out With Acne

His advice for somebody who is at the deepest and darkest moment of their skin is by taking action, even if it is the smallest action. This includes going to the grocery store when comfortable or going to the gym at night.

There exists a tiny circle of a safety zone which consistently expands and those little steps would lead you in becoming more comfortable in doing more. An example he had was going to the gym with the insecurity of his acne, realizing after that the workout was still good, even if there were plenty of people. We are our own biggest judges. An acne pimple is seen when you’re really close to the mirror and nobody is looking at your skin that closely. Thus, he says that even if the problem is there, you may also exaggerate it in your mind.

How To Feel Better With Acne

He also practices daily habits that would allow him to be the best version of himself. First is by beginning the day by drinking water. He suggests thinking what you have started the day with, water or coffee? Drinking plenty of water will make you feel so much better. Second. sleep is also vital, noting how plenty of people would think they would get a little bit more done by avoiding sleep, to which he says sleep will actually cause productivity to increase. Third, eating whole foods instead of processed foods is also essential.

He remarks that you note how many calories you will consume but you don't think about how it makes you feel. If you’re operating on snacks such as Cheetos and energy drinks all day, you won’t become the best version of yourself. For example, 100 calories from sugar aren’t going to give the same nutrients or energy as 100 calories from spinach, for example.

Any exercise, even 10-15 minutes of cardio, will release plenty of endorphins. Your serotonin and dopamine will get regulated in a proper way. This will help you reach a better mood while helping regulate emotions and energy levels. It is also revealed that he began exercising with basic workouts. It has been 11 years of exercising for him and the workouts he does has peaked to hardcore workouts - 6 workouts a week of weightlifting.

He believes performing calisthenics will greatly impact you and especially as you age, maintaining a good posture is necessary. He says it’s not needed to squat 500 pounds, but you need to do a little bit of core work and have your glutes to work. This will make you feel better not being in pain.

His mind is blown when he receives messages from his viewers, such as those with extreme depression and how his content gave hope. He has end goals, such career goals or where he’d like to live; however,  what makes him feel the best is the number of people he has helped by improving their lives.

He would like to do it in a better and bigger fashion by starting public speaking and keep helping people. “Scars may give somewhat of a character to the person, I notice it in a good way in other people because I have also gone through the same experience with acne”


You can connect with Brian on social media

Instagram: @brianturnerofficial

YouTube: @TeamAcne

*photos courtesy of Instagram: brianturnerofficial


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