By: Masako

Nowadays it is impossible to avoid stress. Career/work, school, projects, friends, and sometimes even family are a cause of stress. And because of these, the chemicals in our bodies react, which causes us to eat more, and crave for unhealthier options such as junk food, soda, and sweets. We become lazy and would sit on the couch watching TV instead of working out. And the most horrible of all, stress causes break-outs.  And when you have break-outs, you get stressed over them! The cycle just goes on!

If this doesn’t happen to you, well then you are one lucky camper. Because let me tell you, this face (points at self) is not a lucky duckling. Definitely not.

This cycle for me is never ending. I’m 23, and a law student. Let me tell you, there is not a minute that goes by that I am not stressed. Even when I’m asleep. Wait, law students don’t sleep! And yes, I do not have nice skin. Notice how I did not use the word “perfect”? I have long since accepted that this face of mine, acne scars, craters, hyperpigmentation, and all will never be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. But, just because my skin isn’t no-make-up worthy, I still try to take good care of it.

Taking care of the surface of your skin, although highly effective (and really fun with all the skin care products out in the market), can only do so much. To really have great (nice, rather) skin, you have to do it from the inside-out.

1. Food

The type of food you take is very important. Greasy, fried food is a big no-no. “Stop eating pizza and fried chicken”, said my dermatologist. My heart broke then and there. But I did give it a shot for one month, and surprisingly enough, the breakouts weren’t as severe as the month prior to me canceling out greasy and fried food. Now, I would be lying if I don’t eat them anymore. Control is key, I would say.

2. Exercise

Running or doing yoga, or any type of workout can do wonders for your skin! Our body produces a lot of chemicals on a daily basis but having a workout routine enables our body to produce chemicals that are good for our skin! Two days after a hot yoga session has my skin glowing and looking plump! Not only does it make me feel good, I look good too!

3. Skin Care

Morning and night time routines are very important to keep/have nice skin. I learned this the hard way (being a late bloomer and only started having routines when I was 18 years old). If there’s one item that I would recommend having, it’s a moisturizer! If you’re too lazy for anything else, get yourself a moisturizer with SPF! But let me tell you, putting in the work and having a good concrete regimen is worth it.

These are my three core tips for nicer looking skin. If you already have nice skin, then for perfect looking skin.

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Lina mac

Lina mac

Thank you Masako for sharing this informative post. I will follow your valuable tips. But I have been using some skin care products from Annimateo. Which provides natural products for both men and women. Is there any problem to use these with your given tips?

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