How to Tell if your Products are REALLY Working

how to tell if products are working
by Kali Kushner

If you're anything like me, you're always taking progress photos when testing out a new skincare product or regimen. Watching your skin transform, either positively or negatively. But what if there was a scientific way to tell whether or not your products were actually working instead of just eyeballing it? Now there is!

Meet the qowt-eid="E97" id="E97" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Skin Moisture Analyzer. This little gadget measures your skins moisture, oiliness, and softness levels. And yes, it actually works. It can tell you whether or not your current routine is drying out your skin, making it too oily, or if it's perfectly moisturized. I've been testing it out over the past few weeks and can honestly say that I am impressed.

It keeps tabs on your moisture levels, and if you check your skin every day for about a month, you can start to gauge your "normal" levels, and what you should be aiming for in terms of skin health. Not going to lie, it’s the bee's knees for a few reasons. It also claims to have the following features:


  • Immediately and automatically detects skin conditions and displays the result on LCD screen as percentage numbers.
  • Helps you monitor your skin hydration to maintain a young and healthy-looking skin
  • High precision, easy to carry, simple operation and display intuitive, easy to disinfect.
  • Measures on a scale of less than 33% (dry) to over 47% (moist), 38%-42% being considered the ideal range.


Overall, I've found it convenient for determining the condition of your skin, and an aid in my arsenal of skincare for working to treat acne.


determine the condition of your skin

Many of us assume that our skin is oily or that it is dry by the feel and look. However, the Skin Moisture Analyzer can accurately measure your hydration levels and let you know your exact skin type through bioelectric impendence analysis (BIA) technology.

BIA technology works by sending a small electrical current through your skin. This current then reports the data back to the machine, measuring the oiliness, softness, and overall hydration level of your skin. It measures down to the deeper levels to record an accurate reading instead of just looking at what's on the surface.

This has been extremely eye opening for me because I thought my acne was always a result of oily skin, at least that’s what I've been told. Oil clogs pores and causes acne, so for me to have acne I must be dealing with extremely oily skin. EEEEER. WRONG. My skin is actually, extremely dehydrated. Like the lowest reading possible dehydrated. My first reading was a 25.

Since I've realized this I adjusted accordingly, drinking copious amounts of water and focusing on overall skin hydration by supplementing with extra facial oils and moisturizing masks. By doing this I raised my skins hydration to a 47% in just one week! And the difference is so noticeable. My skin looks plump, scars are less visible and it doesn’t look as red or dehydrated.


effectively treat acne

I've found this gadget especially helpful in the treatment of acne. Sometimes I breakout because my skin is dehydrated and sometimes I breakout because my skin is overly hydrated or greasy. This takes the guesswork out of everything and makes your routine super simple. You know exactly WHY you’re breaking out, if you're irritating your skin too much or maybe not giving it enough love.

I always say skincare is about balance, and this little gadget helps you to adjust your skincare routine so you can find the perfect balanced. Reading too greasy? Cut back on the moisturizer. Showing levels of dehydration? Lay the moisturizer on thick or start chugging water. Rough skin texture? Try an exfoliating mask. It basically tells you exactly what you need to do to maintain your perfect skin health.



is it accurate/reliable?


The skincare analyzer I tested out from amazon was fairly reliable. When doing the same skincare routine over a period of two weeks I received similar results almost daily. I wouldn't say this is something to rely heavily on in determining the condition of your skin but it's definitely a good starting point if you're feeling lost in the world of skincare.

The only flaw I found in the skin care analyzing machine is that it may not be 100% accurate all of the time. They've definitely got a good idea going but they could undergo better technology development. At times no matter what I did the analyzer would get stuck and give me, my husband, and a glob of moisturizer sitting on my arm the same exact reading (when we all knew dang well those aren't going to be the same).

When this happened I simply had to either restart the machine, wait for it to turn off, or clean off the prongs with a cotton pad and try the process again. It typically worked by the second or third time, so it wasn't a huge loss. However, with more advanced skin analyzers on the market it's probably not the best out there. But, you get what you pay for! And at $16, versus some of the more expensive $100-dollar analyzers, it's definitely going to be the best bang for your buck.


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