Dating with Acne

December 25, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Kelli

Is it weird I’m attracted to guys with acne? It's not that I find their acne particularly attractive, it’s the idea that someone may understand how I feel every day of my life.

People with acne are misunderstood. People assume that you don’t wash your face or your makeup causes it. It's ignorant people like this that make me so angry. When I see someone with acne I automatically think, “aw, I hope they’re okay”. Not that all people with acne are sad or anything but I know my acne has caused a lot of emotional pain for me in the past and I kindly hope they aren’t experiencing what I did. People who have had severe acne seem to have a better understanding of people. They realize no one is perfect and are less judgmental in a general sense.

If someone won’t date you because of your acne, well, first of all, that’s messed up. If someone can’t accept you and your flaws then they are a waste of time. Don’t spend precious moments of your life wanting someone who cannot see beneath your acne. There are plenty of people out there who do understand and want to date you. Even if you think you’re the most unattractive person in the world, chances are, believe it or not, someone has a crush on you. With billions of people in the world, it would be impossible for not one person to find you the slightest bit attractive.

We've all heard of the cliche, “it’s not about your looks, it’s about your personality”. Of course, though it's not about physique, that is just the first thing you notice about someone. It's inevitable. It's human nature.

When we meet someone, before we get to know them, we notice their look. Their hair, eyes, body shape, nose, you name it. But with so much to soak in, it's easy to miss a flaw that the person was so self-conscious about in the first place. There’s just something so beautiful about this. how one thing you hate about yourself, someone else can adore. And it's not just acne, it can be any flaw, big or small that makes you ... you and someone completely love it. Anyway, what’s the point of being someone you’re not when there’s 3 buhjillion amazing things about you?