Top 5 Home Acne Treatment that Did Not Work for Me

December 28, 2016 0 Comments

By: Allana

In efforts to achieve clear skin, I did crazy things which now I think back to I wonder whether my head was on my shoulders. Unfortunately a lot of these “DIY” treatments, so to speak, I found on the Internet. Google being my best friend for school has definitely misinformed me a lot regarding my skin disease: acne.  Although some of these are considered natural, it doesn’t mean that they are beneficial for the skin. I highly advise you to not try these, even for the occasional zit.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Also known as the all natural toner, is supposed to help balance the ph of your skin protecting the acid mantle. It also is said to be a natural astringent, therefore killing the acne bacteria on the skin. First of all, toners are not meant to balance the ph, but really to soothe skin after cleansing and deliver antioxidants to the skin. Apple cider vinegar is a form of acetic acid and malic acid which can exfoliate dead skin cells, but it does not kill bacteria nor does it calm the redness. From personal experience, it added an extra step to my already long regimen, irritated my skin to redness, left a sticky residue, and did nothing for my acne.

2. Baking Soda & Water

This is said to be great at gently exfoliating the skin as an at home microdermabrasion. It could also be used a spot treatment to dry out the acne lesion. Baking soda does make an alkaline solution and produces a salt when reacts with an acid. Again this myth on the benfits it has on acne is the balancing of the ph and its drying effect on the skin. All this does is dry out and irritate your skin and I believe that a scrub is never the way to go with acne-prone skin.

3. Lemon

On a lot of youtube videos, gurus advertise its abilities to fade acne marks, dark spots, and “lighten” the skin. Lemon is so acidic and it burns just to leave it on for a couple of minutes, which unlike a good workout, does not mean that it is working. Although it contains 5% citric acid, it doesn’t exfoliate the skin properly. Therfore, it does not unclog pores and does nothing for the inflammation and acne scars.

4. Tea Tree Oil

I was a serious victim of this oil. Unlike any other of the home remedy treatments, I really thought this was benfiting my skin. It has great antiseptic qualities and is used in many cosmetics and washes.  Even though it can kill bacteria, it is largely unproven for the treatment of acne, dandruff, and other skin infections. Upon instruction, it has to be diluted with water before applied and causes a burning sensation for up to 5 minutes.  Irritation does make acne worse and this is one of those remedies that does more harm than good.

5. Toothpaste

I don’t know where I got the idea of dabbing some toothpaste on my acne wound when its meant for your teeth and contains chemicals like flouride. I’m pretty sure some kooky relative who has never had acne before told all my problems would disappear with a dab of toothpaste.  The toothpaste did temporarily dried the acne lesion but made it turned red and flaky as a more long-term effect. Do not use this remedy, it will harm your skin.