Should You Be Using A Toner?

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Should You Be Using A Toner?

By Kali Kushner




Just the word, toner makes me think back to the good ole days of teen acne. I tried every pre soaked cotton round and squeeze bottle on the market that would undoubtedly contain some sort of over drying alcohol or astringent.I distinctly rememberit’s stinging and the smell of alcohol burning the inside of my nostrils.For a long time I dismissed toners as too over-drying formy sensitive (yet oily) skin, which would ultimately lead to a lack luster complexion and additional irritation.


Luckily, toners are nothing like they used to be.While they used to contain high amounts ofalcohol and overly astringent ingredients, many toners arenow created without alcohol and to fit almost every skin need.They are no longer targeted exclusively towards oily or acne prone skin, instead toners have branched out to includesensitive and even dry skin!With that being said, I believe everyone should be using a toner no questions asked.


what exactly is a toner?


Not every toner is created equally. That being said, depending on the toner in questionit’s going to contain several different ingredients. Typicallyit will contain an acid for exfoliation,anti-inflammatory agents for calming sensitive skin, oreven antioxidants to fight against aging.Toner may look like water but it doesway waymore than our friend h2o.


Toner is a second cleansing step, it penetrates your skin deeply with moisture, and it preps your face for the next step in your skincare routine.In makeup-terms, toner is basically a primer for the rest of your skincare, serums, oils, moisturizers, etc.Toners work to balance the skins pHand bring it back to its natural acidic state.


how to use a toner


You should use a toner directly after cleansing,during both your morning and night timeskincare routine. It’s important to use a toner immediately after cleansing when your skin is still slightly wet. This helps the toner to absorb deeper into the skin, allowing your oil, serum, and moisturizer to deliver better, faster results.


The application of a toner is completely up to you! Some people prefer to use a cotton round while others apply itdirectly totheirhands andpat it gently into the skin.


toner options


Just like a moisturizer that’s targeted towards uneven skin tone, dark circles, and fine lines, toners are targeted towardsyour specific skin needs.


Dry Skin:If you thought dry skin and toners don’t go together, well you’d be wrong. Toners can add an extra level of hydration and help to rebalance the skins pH levels.One of the most popular hydrating toners is thisFresh rose hydrating Toner.Packed withhyaluronicacid, rosewater, and roseflower oil, this toner is a great option fordeep hydration. Hyaluronic acid works by bindingmoisture to the skin sothattherosewater, rose flower oil, andAngelica leaf are able to penetrate deeper.


Sensitive Skin:If you struggle with toners burning or not providing enough hydration- you just haven’t met the right one yet. If you have sensitive skin look for toners that are alcohol free and contain skin calming ingredients such as rosewater or aloe Vera.Thayers alcohol free witch hazel is a great option! It’sfree of any irritating chemicals and contains ingredients like aloe which help to soothe the skin and immediately calm any redness.


Oily/Acne Prone Skin:Before you go ahead and start slapping straight up rubbing alcohol on your skin (we’ve all done it) give a toner with salicylic acid or witch hazel a try.These ingredients penetrate deeply to unclog pores and sweep away excess dirt and oil.ConsiderthisLaRoche-PosayEffaclarClarifying Solution that contains bothglycolic andsalicylic acid. The acids work to exfoliate the skin, unclogging the pore and removing any built up pore clogging bacteria (like dead skin, dirt, ya know)..


Pores:Don’t we all just want invisible photoshopped pores?Well while we can’t make them completely disappear, we can definitelymake them less visibleby using an aha acid likeglycolicorlactic acid to sweep awaydead skin cells and dissolve the accumulated bacteria inside the pore.Glycolic is the smallest, and therefor most penetrable and absorbed of all the acids, so it typically yields the most dramatic results.


GivePixiskintreats glow tonic a whirl,if you can find it at your local target that is. This insanely popular toner is constantly sold out and can be quiet hard to track down, so if you see it you better grab it!It containsglycolic acid,aloe Vera, andgingseng- perfect for exfoliation and yet still remaining gentle to the skin.



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