Skin: The Evolution  

By: Emily

In middle school, my makeup routine and skin care routine were simple. Don’t wash the face, don’t use primer, and cake on the foundation as much as possible. Along with that, my routine included eating fast food a lot and not drinking enough water. My skin was always very oily and my pores were clogged to the max. I was a normal kid who, at that age, didn’t think my skin was important or that any of it really mattered. Silly me, huh? Of course, what mattered at that age was if my mom would let me hang out with my friends at the mall. Skincare was at the bottom of the list.

In high school, all the years of the terrible treatment I gave my body and face caught up to me. I was considered averagely healthy on a physical level, but boy was the acne an eye grabber. I had terrible blackheads around my lips and enough whiteheads, zits, and pimples to be considered a high-altitude mountain range. Still oily and clogged, I still never gave it much attention. It wasn’t until my mid-high school career I got uncomfortable. My skin was never as “pretty” as other girls and that bothered me.  Because of this, I began washing and caring for it. I had those store-bought cleaners and some decent store-bought makeup. The skin care routine did improve slightly, but not enough to see a difference.

Finally—college. The college began a new path for me and my skin. It wasn’t about looking pretty like other girls anymore. This time, my skin was about me. I wanted a healthier body and a healthier face for myself. I was ready to feel confident about myself and my face after all these years of hiding myself under makeup and clothes. I had gone through a lot emotionally so I figured it was about time to catch my physicality up with that.

I began eating healthy. Of course, cutting out things that you enjoy from your diet isn’t always the way to go. There are plenty of healthy options even at a Wendy’s or a Burger King. The portion is everything. I began cutting out less grease and began adding in more fruits and vegetables the way I wanted to. I added what I enjoyed and left out what I didn’t like. I wasn’t going to force myself to eat things I didn’t prefer. I also began drinking 3 bottles of water a day. I have an adorable water bottle that says, “hydrate or die” and is covered in a million adorable stickers. I obey my water bottle not because its telling me to but because I know it’s good for me.

Now, my entire life has changed. I wash my face morning and night, use toner, moisturizer, skin masks, primer, and the right amount of makeup. Skin care can be fun! I absolutely love treating myself to a green face mask and watching a good show on Netflix.

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