The Best Ways to Make Blackheads Disappear

April 08, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

The Best Ways to Make Blackheads Disappear

by Samantha



You know them to see them. Blackheads. They appear most on the oiliest parts of our skin – our forehead, nose, and chin (and sometimes even on our chest and back). They’re hard to hide and can make us feel less than our best, so I think it’s safe to say we’d all like tomake blackheads disappear.


what are blackheads

Know thy enemy.

Blackheadsare basically just one of the potential early stages of a pimple, minus the crucial inflammation of the typical zit.A blackhead is just a pore that’s gottenclogged with sebum(and sometimes dead skin and dirt) which has thenbeenexposed totheair,which turns it black.

Blackheads are known to pop up during puberty andduringother hormonal changes whichcancause our skin to become oilier and more blackhead-prone.

Not all the little black dots on your skin are blackheads, though.Sebaceous filaments, often confusedfor blackheads, are a completely harmless part of healthy skin. Althoughthey’rejust normal hair follicles doing what they do, I know that doesn’t necessarily make them more desirable. You’ll be happy to know that the treatment for blackheads and sebaceous filaments are very much the same.



how to make blackheads disappear


Blackheads are notoriously resistant toscrubs and steaming, as well as those little strips that rip those blackheads right off your face - because they only get rid of the blackheads withoutdoing anything about what caused them.

Not only that, butsome peopleresort to abrasively scrubbing their skin, which damages it and causes inflammation, and can then result in a bigol’ pimple.

The problem is blackheads aren’t a dirt problem, otherwise, any old cleanser would do the trick. Blackheads are an oil problem, so anything that gets into your pores to dissolve clogged sebum(and any skin cells or dirt with it) willwork.



Salicylic acid is probably the best possibleway tomake blackheads disappear.

Itsmild exfoliating effects andability to get deep into the poreto dissolve trapped oil and skincells makes it a highly effective treatment for blackheads.

While salicylic acid is sold in cleansers and other products, it should be used in a leave-on product for best results.

As with any treatment that affects how our skin cells shed, expect a purging phase with this treatment. But don’t worry, it’s only decongesting what would have popped up anyway, and after 3-4 weeks you should begin to see improvements. I would recommend the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which is a gentle, hydrating product.



Whileglycolic acid won’t get into the pore quite as effectively as salicylic acid will, it’s still a good option for those allergic to salicylic acid. It works on one level that may alleviate blackheads, by helping to shed surface skin cells and prevent them from clogging the pore.

Banish’s Pumpkin Enzyme Masque contains glycolic acid (and other awesome skin-friendly ingredients), which is what makes it such a great addition to any acne skincare routine.



Clay masks really help to draw impurities like dead skin, sebum, and dirt from our pores. Among all the other benefits of clay masks, it makesa valuable asset for anyone with acne. Try mixingBanish’s Activated Charcoal Clay Masque with raw apple cider vinegar, which will bring about even more skin benefits. Apply it after you’ve used the salicylic acid and given it time to neutralize (about 30 minutes).


While products like benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid, as well as many potentially harmful home remedies may be useful ineliminating potentially contributing factors to blackheads, the options above arethe best of the best and canmake blackheads disappear.