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What Facial Masks Are You Obsessed With?

What Facial Masks Are You Obsessed With?

By Christina Belty

When I was a teenager, I discovered face masks and they have become my facial mask obsessions. If my memory serves me well, I think the first one that I ever tried was the Mint Julep mask from Sally’s beauty supply. It was green and minty. Since then I have been obsessed with face masks and until recently, I thought I was the only one.


girl lying down with someone applying black mask on her face


All over Instagram, you can see makeup tutorials starting their routine with some masks. There are peel-off masks, clay masks. glitter masks, masks which come in stick form, and sheet masks to name a few. From Victoria Secret to Walmart, facial masks are available in different varieties.

There are Instagram videos which give the impression that you can’t start your day without using a mask. I kept asking myself “Should I be using a mask before my makeup?” “Am I missing out tiny pores because I don’t mask enough?”

These masks trend started my mask obsessions once again. My husband can attest that my bathroom cupboards have all types of masks that you can think of. Sometimes, if any of them provide a result that’s more than temporary.

Here are my favorite facial masks:


Banish pumpkin enzyme masque


My interest lately has been in enzyme masks. I had a facial and the esthetician used an enzyme mask which made my skin so smooth and clear. She told me that  pumpkin enzymes can be very beneficial to your skin. She also advised that it can be as good as  chemical peels but definitely less harsh. It is important to keep your skin exfoliated. It will increase collagen production and will help unclog the pores from dead skin and debris.


light brown sandalwood powder in a ceramic white bowl


My favorite all time mask for a breakout is a mask powder that I bought in an Indian grocery store. It is “Chandan” powder or sandalwood powder. It is a beige powder that the clerk told me, mixed with anything from yogurt to rose water. I like mixing the powder with rose water and applying it with a brush. It is a lot thinner than a traditional clay mask.

The package says it helps with  wrinkles, acne and skin redness. I can say that if I get a breakout this is my go to. I mix a teaspoon of the powder and place it on my skin for about 15 minutes. The results are smooth skin with less redness. The mask is gentle and although it’s a powder it doesn’t dry my skin out at all.


girl lying down on the bed with white sheet mask and touching her face


When my skin is feeling especially dry or  dehydrated, I love a good sheet mask. I have purchased them on Amazon and from Asian markets. The sheet masks started in South Korea where women have been using them for years. There are even high-end sheet masks in retail for 50 dollars or more. I have tried them all- aloe vera and  collagen. I cannot tell the difference within the varieties but my skin always feels hydrated after using them. I like to use the leftover serum on my face and slather it on my neck. I once met a lady who told me that most women neglect their neck and that you can always tell because their neck will show their real age.


DIY masks have also taken over the gram. I follow a girl that always posts different treatments with things that you can find in your kitchen. I have tried some honey masks that have made my skin feel amazing with lemon or whatever else makes a good mask aside from smelling like an iced tea on my face. I am a fan of DIY masks. It is good especially when you don’t have any food allergy.

Masks will continue to clutter my cabinets for a long time. Whether it’s a trend or not, it lets me indulge on a Sunday night with a glass of wine and a good book. It makes me forget about any acne scars and provides me that satisfaction feeling like I am doing my part in skincare. This mask trend may not last forever, but for now, I will enjoy this self-care ritual ride.


Share your favorite mask routine! :-)

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