How To Deal With Acne In Your 30s

How To Deal With Acne In Your 30s

By Rosy 

Rosy strives for progress, not perfection (

I had given birth to my 3rd daughter, and my  hormones were all over the place when I finally decided enough was enough. I kept looking for something that would help ME!

Everything I tried up to this point was not helping, and it was so frustrating to see so many different products work for others. I would say most of us who struggle with  acne can get really frustrated and expecting results overnight. That was me! I was completely unrealistic because of the frustration.

I mean, I had my 3rd child and I’m in my 30’s! I'm DONE trying to cover up  acne scars. I'm done spending money on makeup that may or may not give me breakout and add to my scarring. I'm done hiding, missing events and staying indoors because I don't want to get seen. I'm done being the girl in the room who's so self-conscious about her acne and scars. That she couldn’t even enjoy herself with fear that everyone is thinking she isn’t good enough.

I was done feeling unworthy because of how my  skin looked. I was done with all of the negative feelings and emotions that surface each day because of what acne left behind. So, I had to start being honest with myself and what I was willing to try and that’s when I started doing some research. During my research, I realized that I had to start as a baby on training wheels with my skin and whatever I was going to try next. I was really going to invest my time and effort with consistency and dedication, but it also meant that I was going to extend myself lots of grace. As much as I wanted amazing results overnight, it just wasn’t going to happen.

I did, however, realize at that moment that just because I wouldn’t get results overnight, that didn’t mean I was never going to get them. It sounds crazy because don’t we all know if we put in the work and give it time, eventually we will see the results? Yass, we do! But why is it so hard to put into practice? Ugh!

Well, as frustrated as I was, I knew that it just meant the process would be slow. In my mind, like that last bit of honey, you’re trying to squeeze out of the jar when you haven’t even touched the  honey in days. Isn’t that torturous? Hahaha... I know, dramatic much? Just a tad! But that’s ok, it was the beginning of my journey and I knew it was going to be a good one!


before and after results of right cheek

A few weeks into my search (yes, weeks!), I found a video on YouTube of a girl who was giving her review of  Banish Acne Scars. Like so many others, I was extremely skeptical. Unsure of whether or not the product would work. I wasn’t ready to throw another $200 dollars down the drain. Would this be like all of the other products I’ve tried which failed my skin? The thought just didn’t leave me alone.

I remember calling my sister and telling her to look into it and give me her thoughts on whether or not I should invest in these products. If anyone was going, to be honest with me, it was her! After going back and forth with her a few days, I finally ordered my very first  Banish Starter Kit. I was excited, scared and hopeful!

I started using the products in the summer of 2017 and at the time, I didn’t realize how much my skin could change in just a little over a month! That’s right, just ONE month! Hindsight is 20/20 and this change wasn’t even a big deal because I was so focused on seeing major results overnight. I couldn’t even acknowledge the change that was happening right before my very brown eyes! I’m sure so many can relate, as  skin issues can be a burden to you physically, but emotionally as well and that’s the toughest part.

Even if your skin is not perfect, having confidence can help you to relieve stress and not worry about your acne. For me, acne was and still is a big part of my life. However, I overcame that and became more confident in my skin. Everyone has acne and scars so you should not have to be shy in your own skin. People are not talking about your acne! No one really cares, you just do you.

These days, whenever I don’t think any progress is being made, I just go back and take a look at day one as a reminder to myself that change IS happening and I need to be patient. Ughhh, I’m such an impatient person! My skin (and my 3 daughters) have taught me and continue to teach me about it every single day. Just like my skin, I’m a work in progress too and knowing that the change is happening (inside and out), it feels so good!


woman showing her before and after results with microneedling

Trust me, I know that acne is hard to deal with, but everyone goes through it! Acne can give you a negative view of yourself, if you stay positive while having acne, it will make the situation a thousand times better. If you stop being negative, you won’t care as much, which will reduce stress and actually help with your acne.

As long as you’re putting in the work, you’re going to see results! So, if you’re feeling like progress isn’t being made, remember that it IS! Be patient with the process, be kind to yourself, extend yourself lots of grace, sit back and let it unfold, because it’s happening! There really is no better time than now, to love the skin you’re in! 

I’ve had those days where I would not want to leave my house because of acne. Don’t let acne stop you from going out and having a good time! The absolute worst thing you can do is let your acne control you. Do not let your acne take over your life!!

Getting rid of acne is a long process, but good things take time. If you consistently take care of your skin, your acne will go away. You just have to consistently do the right things for your skin. Be patient!


Have you experienced acne in your 30s?  Comment below! 

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