What Makes You Trust A Skin Care Brand?

What Makes You Trust A Skin Care Brand?
By Yassi


How many times have you looked at a product that promises amazing results, purchased it, used it for a few weeks only to be disappointed as the product did absolutely nothing for you? If you’re a  skin care addict, appreciate that you’re not alone when you say this has happened to you. If I’m honest, it is really hard for me to find a product that actually makes a difference to my skin. 

We are at a constant search of that one company who has this great line of products that suit our skin. From their cleanser to their toners to the creams.

I literally became concerned with the ingredients of the skincare products that I used when the paraben scare went viral and that was years ago. I can be all healthy, watch all that food that I take but if I also don’t get concerned with the things that I apply on my skin or take in orally, then all the efforts of being healthy would all come to waste.

Then I went on a mission to go all-natural. Believe me, organic products ain’t cheap! But I believe in quality and what they do for my body so that’s all that matters to me. I tried to search online and I while I was reading an article, the little ad on the right corner got my attention. It was saying something like, want a natural and vegan product for your skin? I took the plunge and that started my Banish skincare journey.

So this also lead me to the question, is Banish worth it?




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To me, this is the most crucial when I’m deciding whether I should trust a brand or not. When I see someone recommending a product for one of my skin concerns or when I decide I want to try a new product, generally the first thing I do is jump on their social media accounts to see what they’re all about. I like to see brands that ‘show off’ their results through testimonials and  before and after pictures. I went to their website and could see those before and after pictures of REAL people. They also have reviews for each product that they have and boy, was I really amazed.

What I also do is check their ‘tagged photos’ on  Instagram – this is where real people post content (before and afters, blog post links etc) to their pages and tag the company in said post. If I look at a company’s tagged photos, and I see an abundance of photos from people (non-sponsored) talking about how their products helped them, generally I will trust them more than a company that has little to no people talking about their products on social media.

What I also like to do is look at  Youtube videos and reviews (after a quick Google search). So I was able to go to their page on Instagram too and someone referred me to The Acne Channel and there were a lot of content on their social media pages too. I’m not a Facebook fan though but I think they also have one there.

Reviews do help a lot whenever we make decisions in purchasing a product or for instance, a hotel we’re looking to book into. They are testimonials  from people who already have their first hand experience with a particular service or product which makes us realize if it is beneficial or cringe-worthy. It is rather more influential if we take the feedback from friends, family or even strangers but real people than those who are expert  sales associates. That makes it more relatable -- more human, and not just another sales trap.

When it comes to all of these brand reviews, it still is hard to be objective. We all have different tastes and what one reviewer loves, the other reviewer may have strongly opposing views on. Therefore, we still need to be  smart consumers and go for our individuality and not basing it on who made the review.

When it comes to  customer loyalty, there will still be a lot of things to be discussed, such as offering discounts and special offers to customers. No matter how simple or little it may seem to be, undeniably would drive customers become more loyal to a brand and establish a mutual relationship between the brand and the consumer. Who wouldn’t want to be appreciated even for a bit, right?


Let’s be real, there is NO product on the market that will transform  severe cystic acne to completely clear skin overnight. Of course, there are products that can reduce pimple size and  inflammation, clarity of  skin and brighten your overall complexion after a couple weeks of consistent use. But if a brand guarantees drastic permanent improvements overnight, they are lying. 

Skin care brands knows the journey to clear skin can be lengthy, and what separates the trustworthy brands from the untrustworthy brands is how they portray their products to work.

A trustworthy brand will not get the hopes of their consumers up only to be let down by the lack of results. Brands you can trust will be realistic and honest about the results of their products. Is Banish worth it in this area? I’d say yes, because they would say that their products effectiveness will vary from person to person. The best thing about Banish though is their 45 day return and exchange policy. It appeals to me because it just shows how confident they are with the quality of their products. Not only that, we’d get to try them on our skin for over a month and see if they work well or not. True value for money here.

I personally believe in Banish’s founder and CEO,  Daisy Jing.  Banish was born through her own experience and desire to help other people who had the same acne struggles as her. I believe that she supports using natural and organic ingredients in their products, which are also important to me. I think she just wants the best for everyone else as much as she wanted the best for her own skin. It’s not perfection that matters, as we are all imperfect beings in the first place which makes us unique.

A brand’s  customer service is also important to me. Consistency is the key and a good customer service should treat each and every person equally, whether they will buy from you or not. Respect begets respect and if a brand treats customers this way, they will definitely get their trust back. 

Now giving customer service doesn’t stop when you’ve already sold a product to them. Doing after-sales service is just as important. I would feel very secured, knowing I have someone to contact just in case something goes wrong with the product or just simply if I have a question about it. I wouldn’t feel that money is the only thing that matters to them, but me, who needs them.



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Personally, I see companies that try their very best to be  eco-friendly as trustworthy. A company that gives a damn about the chemicals we are putting on our skin is a big tick from me. Of course, there’s certain chemicals that fight acne and are really beneficial to the skin such as AHAs and BHAs however it’s all the unnecessary ingredients including fragrance and dyes that really turn me off a brand. 

Again, this is the reason why I visited Banish’s website in the first place. I was looking for those which have natural ingredients in them and at the same time, eco-friendly. Not all are like that, so another plus points for me and is really worth it.

 They make their products when they’re ordered, so you know they’re always fresh and not sitting in a warehouse for months before it reaches you. Banish’s Vitamin C Serum or which they fondly call Banish oil, is totally clear in colour, meaning there are NO dyes in the serum. Vitamin C serums go orange when they’re no good and need to be thrown out, and some are already a dark orange color so you can't tell if the Vitamin C is still effective in it.  


One more thing I consider when buying and trusting one product is their Customer Service. For me this is very important, when a company has good customer service this just means they care and value their customers and they don’t just exist to earn money from us . 

 All of us wants a company that we can always rely and ask whenever we have inquiries about their products and should provide every customer their needs and wants. I salute Banish’s Customer Support as they are very personal, as if I am just talking to a friend.

They won’t make you feel unwelcome whenever you have a conversation with them. I once had trouble with one of my orders and they resolved it in just a short period. So is Banish worth it? I will definitely say yes! They are not only after selling their products but the after-sales service is also important to them. It is a good feeling that I can contact them any time if I have questions about their products and I am confident that I’d be able to use them correctly and effectively through their help.

How about you? What makes you trust a skin care brand aside from the ones above? Feel free to share your thoughts. Comment down below.


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