Does Skin Care Really Help You? | Episode 15

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In this episode, Daisy talks about why she doesn’t like skin care anymore despite the fact of being the CEO of BANISH. Seven years after starting BANISH, she still has a lot of mixed feelings with skincare. 

While growing up, Daisy never thought that she was pretty but rather thinks that she is the ugly duckling in her group. For Daisy, acne became her scapegoat and it prevented her from doing what she wanted to do and from being who she truly is. And because of this, she thought of starting out her own skincare company hence the existence of BANISH.

Daisy shares why it’s a myth that the more products you try and use, the more that it will change your life. 

How Daisy’s standard of beauty has changed from my 20’s to my 30’s. She used to always make sure that she will look perfect in the eyes of the people and after getting pregnant and being in her 30s, she now feels ok with how she looks.


Show notes:

Why I Don't Like Skincare Anymore (0:39)

Thoughts On Acne and Skincare (1:15)

Why BANISH only offers a few products (2:37) 

Daisy's pregnancy journey and how her way of thinking has changed (6:59)

Daisy's mission as the CEO of BANISH (10:46)


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