What Are Blackheads?


This is probably one of the first questions I asked as soon as I hit puberty, not only because of its peculiar name but because it just suddenly pops out, out of nowhere like zits, only, they're more discrete and they hide in your face like freaking ninjas.

I'm sure at point in your life, you, experienced feeling frustrated and annoyed because you've bought a bunch of creams, exfoliators and what-not hoping to remove them, but it just seemed too damn impossible.

So in an effort to help all you lost souls out there, I wanna share with you what I know about blackheads and how you can prevent those little devils from spreading or even starting.

Blackheads, develop from dirt left on your face--one of the most sensitive areas in the human body, it demands extensive care. Once dirt gets stuck inside your pores, it clogs up the oil gland and prevents it from doing it's job to keep your face soft and smooth, so what happens instead is a small bump develops inside leaving you with a tiny black spot on your face.

Common sense dictates that the easiest way to avoid this is to keep your face clean, AT ALL TIMES. But, i understand that people have different skin types, not all are blessed to have perfect skin.

Using facial washes and exfoliating creams are cool but sometimes they don't do the trick, so I highly recommend the products from Banish because they do wonders to the skin!

They are all organic and some of the products are even vegan and meant for people with sensitive skin. unlike products sold in the market, the ingredients used in Banish are all natural and are stated at the case of the product.

I understand that buying new products can be a bit scary but I promise that this will be worth every penny! For blackheads I suggest that you try purchasing either their starter pack, pumpkin enzyme masque, gycolic and rose masque, vitamin C serum or aloe vera oil because these can really help in battling acne, zits, black heads and scars.

I'm attaching a link to some of their top products for blackheads so you can check them out yourself!