How Acne Can Cause Depression

April 06, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Shanquenett Harris

One day I was at work and I stopped to use the restroom. I went to wash my hands and looked in the mirror and I just started crying. I wet a paper towel with hot water to soften up the bumps, then I tried to bust them. This made it even worse. When I got home from work, I was playing with my niece and my sister looked up and said "ooooh what happened? How did your face get like that?" I just responded "I don't know, it just happened."

What I saw on my face was unbearable. It is still unbearable but I just keep telling myself that it is going to get better. I would pray at night crying asking for clearer better skin because this is really affecting me in a major way.

The other day my daughter told me that my face looked nasty. Kids say the harshest things without knowing it hurts that person. I can't even stand to be in someone's face with my face looking like this! One day we had a family gathering at our house. I stayed in my room almost the whole time because I was so ashamed to show my face. I finally got up and left my room. While I was fixing me something to eat my aunt looked at me and asked "what happened to your face?!" With a disgusted look. I just put my head down and responded with "I don't know."

I had a friend come see me and he asked "how did you break out so bad like that? Are you stressing? What's wrong?" I had some one else ask me was I sick or allergic to something because I broke out so bad. I hate when people ask me how did my face get like this because I have no idea what to tell them. I really don't know. I believe it was because of a hormonal imbalance.

I would try to wear makeup over my blemishes but that really doesn't do a lot especially when you have a handful of cystic acne sitting on your cheeks. I just want all this to be over. I want to be done with this stage of life. It is so embarrassing to know that everyone notices your acne is that bad even with makeup on. I hope that one day I can show them what I have overcame.

Do you have similar stories of people always pointing out your face?