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Growing up, there is a misconception that acne is only something that happens to some people during adolescence, but the truth is acne can hit you at any age.  The most frustrating thing about acne is that it is a condition that is quite easily visible which causes a big emotional impact.  Acne is unfortunately linked to psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and poor self image which I'm personally experiencing too. 

After dealing with acne for many years on a quest to achieve clear skin,  I am trying my best not to give up on my skin, but it's getting hard. Everyday I wake up hoping to see a change, but I don't. Sometimes I would not put on my glasses just so I won't have to see how bad my face looks. I know that even if I find a new treatment or product, I won't see immediate results, but I want to see some results after a month or so to give me some direction on clearing my acne. 

After following my skincare regimen and going through the different medications my physician and dermatologist has given me, my acne bumps actually went down but these dark spots are take place of where my acne was. I really don't like seeing my acne scars. This makes me feel like my acne is still there even though it isn't. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one battling acne since I personally know other people with acne like mine. I see so many people with beautiful skin and I'm wanting to ask what do they use. I know that some things might not work for everyone, but something works for someone. It could never hurt to try a new skincare routine. 

Thankfully, nowadays there are now more and more people showing their skin with acne and scars due to the skin positivity movement which helps me feel not as alone. 

I am tired of trying everything and seeing that nothing is working.

I am tired of crying because I feel ugly.

I am tired of being afraid to show my face without makeup.

I am tired of feeling ashamed about myself.

I have the right to feel beautiful and I just want support to help me regain my confidence. I want to be able to walk around without being ashamed. I want to know that everyone is looking at me because I am beautiful, not because they see my skin is filled with acne and acne scars. I want to be able to sit in someone's presence without feeling uncomfortable. I want to be able to let the sun shine on my face without feeling like I need to take cover or worrying about how my acne is showing.

I know that my personality overall is lighthearted and I love to joke around, but I would never make a joke that causes someone's self esteem to drop. I have had many people say little jokes about me. Polka dot face, spotty, pepperoni pizza, etc... For the most part I would ignore them because in my head I know that something great will happen for me and I will not be the joke of the day.

I know that I don't have to resign to having acne forever, and that it is possible for me to figure out how to heal my acne. I know that I can get my clearer skin back. Even if it takes months or years, although I hope it doesn't take too many years. I am going to try to stay focused on the positives. If you're feeling the same emotions as me, try to think of something positive each day. 

Everyone will eventually run into an issue with their skin and this is just a minor setback. In the long run I will be able to help many people that are  in my situation and I hope that I can make a difference for someone someday.

If you feel really down about your acne, don't give up yet. There is something out there that will help with acne and acne scarring, you just haven't discovered or tried it yet - but with each method or treatment you try, the closer you will get to finding what will work for your acne or acne scars.  

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Hi I need some tips on how to get a clear skin
I’m not really that rich to buy expensive things but please help me



i feel your pain so much! I’ve only been struggling with acne for about 4 years (I say “only” because I know people who have been struggling for much longer) and it’s just so painful to wake up every morning and see my face in the mirror. I think the best thing for me though is to give up, not completely, but a little. I’ve looked at myself too many times, studying my skin and calling myself ugly, and I’m tired of being my own worst enemy. I’ll keep using my face regimen but I’m not going to keep equating acne with ugly. I’m beautiful WITH or without acne. I’m beautiful with acne. I have to keep telling myself that until I can believe it. I still hope one day it will go away and I’ll have clear skin, but in the meantime I don’t want to be miserable. Im tired of hating myself for something I can’t help, for something out of my control. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I think I’m going to give up a little bit though and cut myself some slack.

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