I Hate Acne Scars. I'm Tired Of Having Acne For So Many Years.

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By: Nell S. 

When i was younger, I didn’t have acne so i never thought that it would become a problem in my adult life. But like most people, acne struck me during puberty and has stuck around ever since.  I had a lot of misconceptions about acne when I first had it, I first thought that it was because i wasn’t clean because I was always active as a kid, which I later learned is a common acne myth that acne is caused by poor hygiene.  

Because of that mindset, started washing my hands and face a lot, and showering every other day but that didn’t help.

I started getting more pimples every day. Desperate for a solution,  I blamed the products I was showering with. I changed my shampoo and conditioner but there were still no positive results.  Many years passed, many products were bought  but there is still nothing that has really worked for my acne and ultimately it left me with acne scars and affected my personality and how I felt about myself.

Since that awful period of puberty, i have consistently run into problems. I don’t leave the house without makeup to cover my scarring and pimples. I don't go to the beach or have sleepovers because i’m afraid that someone might judge if they see my bare face. I’m not even comfortable with relatives and cousins.

I used to have a lot of active pimples. The good thing is that it has reduced, but the downside is it did leave me with scars. I still have pimples but my most worries concern my acne scarring and that they might never fade away.

Even if it is a small issue compared to other problems that i’ve seen my friends and others have to deal with at this age, it still is a huge blow to my confidence and I feel like my friends don't really understand. 

With my experience with acne the main problem I have with it is that I still don't understand the cause. It might be the hormonal imbalance in the body but I try to stay healthy whenever I can. I eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, drink lots of water and also stay active. But it seems that hasn’t helped at all.

I also wash my face and cleanse everyday. I’ve used a lot of different products and i’m still trying out new stuff but i don't have any high expectations whatsoever.

I’m tired of my acne, I'm tired of seeing acne scars, and i don't have the time or money to continue trying to fix it anymore.  

My acne  has limited my life somehow. I’m almost 18 and i’ve been suffering with acne and fighting acne scars since the age of 13. I’ve been using makeup everyday since, and I can't say that makeup caused my acne because it started before I used makeup.   These pimples and acne scars began as a source to my insecurities and unhappiness. I’m afraid that it also might be the reason why i never had a boyfriend. This messes with my self esteem a lot and i’m ready to find a solution.

Recently, I've been seeing more acne accounts pop up on social media where they are proud to show their skin and their tips about how to be confident with acne has really helped me feel not so alone in this struggle.   

Banish also focuses on acne positivity and creates images that empower people with acne like me. I hope that others will feel less like there's something wrong with them and more accepting of themselves and their skin after seeing these positive acne accounts. 

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