The Top 5 MOST Outrageous Acne Myths

May 01, 2018 4 min read 0 Comments

The Top 5 MOST Outrageous Acne Myths

by Kali Kushner


If you've ever suffered from adult acne, you know howfrustrating and debilitating it can be. Trying product after product and pouring countless time, money, and energy into treating your acne without results can leave you feeling hopeless and desperate for a cure. Willing to try anything, I've sought advice for my acne from friends, family, doctors, and strangers alike. And trust me, I have heard itallwhen it comes to clearing up your skin.


"Just wash your face andit'll go away. Stop using so many products, you're overcompensating. Just stop thinking about it and your skin will clear up. Have you tried drinking more water?"


And well, the list goes on. But some of the most hilariously, outrageous myths are just too good not to share. And while some people mightactuallybelieve in these myths, they're totally bogus. Keep on reading to find out the top five acne myths and why you shouldn't waste your time trying them.


myth 1: acne goes away after marriage

Okay, so I'm not really sure where this myth began, but it's absolutely not true. A few friends and acquaintances have asked me, "How do you still have acne? Aren't you married?" If that’s not concerning enough, licensed dermatologists have actually told their patients "don’t worry, it'll go away after you marry or become stable in a long-term relationship." So, what gives?

I was completely bewildered when I first heard this but the theory behind it does make a little bit of sense. The reasoning being that once you begin a long term intimate relationship you will have intercourse more frequently and your hormones will naturally balance themselves out. This is absolutely bogus. While an imbalance of hormones can cause acne, I can personally attest that regular sexual intercourse will not be enough to keep your hormones in check and clear your skin. Also, I've been married for five years and my severe acne actually started about two years into my marriage so no, getting married will notclear your skin.



myth 2: having kids will clear your skin

While this might be true in some cases,it's not the reality for everyone. There's those who get pregnant and have that dewy glow while others actually develop acne due to an increase in oil.There's even a name for it, pregnancy acne.

So,let's say your hormonesdobalance and your skindoesclear up whileyou're pregnant, once you aren'tanymore your skin willgo back toits pre-pregnancy state (and previous hormonal state). That being said, it'snot exactly a permanent cure which is why many people opt to go the birth control route. It basically tricks your body into thinkingyou're pregnant long term, that way your hormones remain in a balanced state and your skin stays clear.


myth 3: using urine/saliva/semen will cure your acne

Justdon't. I'm pretty sure this started as a mean joke to get acne sufferers to put their own bodily secretions on their skin becausethere's no actual scientific evidence to back up any of these claims. Therearesome word of mouth suggestions you can find on the internet, like this onehere and a few others on message boards.

Butit's safe to say there is probably a product with the same pH level or similar active ingredients on the market, so I would just stay away from using your own urine for now. Instead of rubbing pee on your face or drinking it, like some people suggest, try apple cider vinegar instead.It has a very acid pH level and is packed full of probiotics that can help to balance your skin and improve gut health.


myth 4: acne is contagious


Probably a "duh" that’s obviously false statementbuta quick internet search will show you overhalf a million people have actually googled this question. While acne can spread on the same person to separate areas if you're picking and popping your pimples, it actually doesn't spread by touch from person to person.

Acne is more closely tied to genetics, diet, lifestyle, hormones andother internal factors. It's not like a cold that you can "catch"it'sa part ofsomeone's genetic features; brown eyes, red hair, big feet, and acne!


myth 5: acne and scars are permanent

Acne is NOT permanent, and neither are scars! Being acne prone means that it's in your DNA yes, but it doesn't mean that you'll always be dealing with it to the same intensity. Sometimes my skin is extremely clear and other times its completely filled with spots, no two days are ever the same. There are also things you can do to manage your acne like stress reduction techniques, eating a whole foodsplant-based diet, managing your hormones through essential oils or supplements, and controlling your blood sugar levels. Not to mention many people grow out of their acne by the time they reach adulthood or it at least becomes less severe, sonoyour acne in its present state is not permanent and it will go away!

As far as acne scars go, scars can be permanentbutthere are things you can do to prevent them from forming or treat them after they've already begun to form. Lasers, chemical peels,micro needling, microdermabrasion, or even at home treatments like theBanishacnescars starter kit are amazing for treating scars! Depending on the treatment you can either fade scars a little bit at a time or completelyobliterate them from your face, resulting inclear, smooth, texture free skin.