Vegan Skincare

August 27, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Vegan Skincare

By: Khadija Dukes

I am currently on a mission to find all-natural, cruelty free skincare products to incorporate into my daily skincare routine. I want to make my skincare and makeup products match my vegan diet, so I will be searching for products with pure, high-quality ingredients.

One of the products I have purchased is the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask. At $8.99, this is a reasonably priced mask. Not to mention, the jar is huge! This one container will last me well over a year. The mask itself is just a powder and you can mix it with water, rose water, or apple cider vinegar. I mix mine with diluted apple cider vinegar to get the right consistency. This mask works wonders for acne and will quickly dry up your pimples. It also brings cysts to the surface so that they go away faster. As an added bonus, this mask makes your skin super soft, so this will definitely be one of my go-to masks.

The next item I have been using is Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap. I love Shea Moisture’s hair products so I had no doubt that I would also love their skincare line as well. For around five bucks, this soap bar is no more than the average cleanser, but the bar itself is pretty large, so you get your money’s worth. Even though smell has nothing to do with the quality of the product, I must say that this soap smells really good. It smells just like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers. As the name implies, the bar is black, so you definitely want to make sure you wash all traces of this soap off your face before you go to bed. This soap is pretty drying, so if you have oily skin like me you may actually feel the need to moisturize after you wash your face. In essence, this soap will most definitely dry up your pimples, so I will continue to use this as part of my daily routine.

One of the masks I have been dying to try is the Banish Acne Scars Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. This mask has pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Sounds like a pumpkin pie recipe right? This mask is filled with Vitamin A and C to help heal acne and banish scars. I have heard great things about this product so I would love to try it for myself!