Foods to prevent acne

September 06, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

Foods to prevent acne

By: Wafi Habib

If you read my ‘No-Dairy’ diet article then you know that anything dairy related will give you acne. But there are many other things you can do to your diet to improve your skin and make it clearer than it’s ever been. So let’s jump right into the 12 foods that can help clear your skin and prevent acne.

  • Water – drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to replenish your body and clear it of toxins. Water also helps to replenish your skin!
  • Cucumber– this is a great source of water and vitamin C which are both good for your skin and helps with inflammation and marks left from acne.
  • Carrots – since they are rich in vitamin A (good for healthy skin) it helps with the overproduction of cells on the outer layer of your skin.
  • Tomatoes – since they are rich in vitamin C it helps to keep the skin firm by helping the body with its collagen production. It also contains lycopene which gives tomatoes its red pigment and this helps with our skin’s circulation.
  • Eggs – it’s mainly the yolks that help since they are full of selenium, zinc and protein which helps with the clearing of the skin.
  • Green tea – since this is a detox drink it helps in flushing out toxins. And with its antioxidant properties it will even out your skin tone. This is why this tea is best consumed after a breakout.
  • Strawberries – since it is a natural source of salicylic acid (fights acne) they can cure uneven skin tone and help in its conditioning.
  • Garlic– they are full of a natural chemical called allicin which reacts with your blood while being digested to create a product capable of killing many bacteria in your body. These bacteria can also cause…you guessed it, breakouts!
  • Avocado– these are a great source of vitamin E which helps with the skins natural glow. It also contains good amounts of vitamin C which can be used to soothe skin inflammation caused by acne.
  • Spinach – this is rich in chlorophyll which helps to cleanse bacteria and toxins from the digestive tract and blood stream. It also contains a good amount of vitamin A.
  • Salmon– this fish has very high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which can open up clogged pores and reduce the inflammation of your skin.
  • Broccoli– this vegetable contains a lot of different antioxidants which all help to clear your skin and repair damaged tissue.


So that’s it...simple right? So the next time you go to the supermarket, try and buy the items listed above and add them into your diet to achieve the clear skin you’ve always wanted!