Laser Should Be Your Last Resort

February 08, 2016 0 Comments

by: JYHeleneK


I do not think anybody should go for lasers because it cost tons of money. And you never know if something would go wrong, like burn the face. Or damages something else. And on the long run you do not know what would happen to you, will the acne come back or will you have a skin disease. 

I am pretty negative on everything that is surgical. Because this is how I was raised.

I also believe that antibiotics are not good for the health, but it is also the fattest way to get better, whether you are sick or have other health issues. But on the long run again, it is not good.

I believe that everything can be done naturally, depending on how much time you are giving it.

I used to have to drink, horrible Chinese medicine food, I know it was good for me, but because it was so disgusting I could not keep on drinking it. It was smelly, it was black and the taste, well it tasted like vomit.

It is hard to believe this kind of thing. But I have had antibiotics on my acne 'on' and 'off' for the last 10 to 15 years. And never was my acne stopping forever, every time I stopped eating it, in the beginning I would have nothing but after a month or two, it would come back slowly.

I have had a friend who did chemical peeling five times or more, her acne was as bad as mine, but since doing it, she looks better. But like every body, it did not last long until it all came back. She told me that during months, her skin was peeling and bruised. I did it once, but because my skin was not reacting well to it, I did not go further with the sessions.

If a person, can do it with natural products, I really suggest to use it and not go for antibiotics. Of course, it depends on how much acne you have to use the natural method. If you only a bit and no cystic acne, go for the natural way of treating it.

I have so far not met a friend who did the laser, But I have seen YouTube videos where people talked about it. If you really want to do the laser, it should definitely be the last decision you should take. Do the pro and con of doing the laser, will you get a reimbursement on the money you pay etc. A lot of things have to be taken into account. And in the end it is a big decision to take.