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A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Clean The Banisher

January 03, 2020

How To Clean The Banisher

Taking care of our microneedling tool requires sanitation and proper care or maintenance in the same way we take care of our facial skin. There’s no need to complicate things when it comes to cleaning your Banisher.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can clean your Banisher. We’ll also show you some alternatives that you can use as a substitute for alcohol in cleaning the Banisher.


The Banish Kit is the solution to reduce the look of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. This kit can also be used on fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, body scars, and other body parts.

The Banish Kit contains the Banish Oil, Banisher (roller/stamp), cleaning container and a storage bag.


The Banisher Roller is good for rejuvenating and improving your skin’s appearance as its Titanium bristles create micro-channels on the skin.

To clean your Banisher Roller/Stamp:

1) Put Isopropyl alcohol in the cleaning container 

2) Soak the Banisher in the alcohol for about 5 minutes 

3) Take the Banisher out of its container and allow it to air dry.


The patented Banisher 2.0 can be your best friend when it comes to skin care. This microneedle tool lasts up to two times as long as the Banisher Roller/Stamp and presses down with even pressure with its finer and sharper bristles that cause less irritation to your skin.

The Banisher 2.0 is good for improving acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles by naturally promoting collagen and skin renewal. It is also good for making your skin tone look even and increases your topical skin care’s effectiveness.

To clean your Banisher 2.0:

1)  Twist the cap off the Banisher 2.0, pour the alcohol up the fill line then twist it back on.

2) Let the bristles touch the rubbing alcohol for at least 5 minutes.

3) Remove the cap and let the Banisher air dry.


Use a brush with soft bristles under running water to brush off bloodstains. Then, sanitize the Banisher 2.0 with alcohol and air-dry it. 


We clean the Banish Roller/Stamp as well as the Banisher 2.0 using Isopropyl alcohol. There are two types of Isopropyl alcohol that you can use in cleaning your Banisher – 70% rubbing alcohol and the 99% rubbing alcohol.

Isopropyl alcohol is considered to be a volatile, flammable and multi-purpose product having a range of uses in a variety of different industries. It can be used as the following: antiseptic, cleaning agent (e.g. surface disinfectant, household solvent and electric components), astringent, liniment for muscle aches and more.

* Antiseptic – The role of IPA as a bacteria-killing agent makes it suitable for antiseptics, sanitizers and cleaning minor cuts.

* Cleaning agents – the reason why Isopropyl alcohol is ideal for use as a cleaning agent is that its antibacterial properties make it work well or effectively as surface disinfectants at home and in many laboratories works.

* Astringent – IPA can also work as an astringent for its ability to shrink body tissues and to stop the cut or wound from bleeding.

* Liniment for muscle aches – Isopropyl alcohol works as a liniment by soothing any muscle aches and irritating the skin, improving the circulation and alleviates the pain or aching of body muscles.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol VS. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol - WHICH IS BETTER IN TERMS OF CLEANING THE BANISHER?

A 70% Isopropyl alcohol does uphold key requirements for use as a bactericidal in clean rooms and medical facilities as well as general purposes. It produces less vapor and odor compared to a 99% Isopropyl alcohol as it helps in reducing any risk of toxic fumes or combustion. The 70% Isopropyl alcohol is less flammable and offers a more economical price point for a general wipe down as well as large surface disinfection. A 70% ratio (or above) of Isopropyl alcohol effectively works as both a general-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.

99% Isopropyl alcohol, on the other hand, works as an ideal solvent or cleaning agent for industries producing water-sensitive items. It also provides the lowest presence of adulterants and free from denaturants. The 99% isopropyl alcohol is being used by computer technicians, medical device manufacturers, printed circuit board manufacturers and soldering and rework technicians as they prefer immediate evaporation for work with such sensitive devices.

In terms of cleaning your Banisher, an isopropyl alcohol with a ratio of 70% works better than a 99% isopropyl alcohol.


There are many sources or outlets where you can buy Isopropyl/rubbing alcohol for cleaning your Banisher. You can find them either at pharmaceutical stores, supermarkets near you or even in online stores.


But what if I can’t find any rubbing/isopropyl alcohol or it gets out of stock? Don’t fret! There are alternatives or substitutes for cleaning your Banisher. You may either use surgical spirit or denture tablets (Polident). As a last resort, you can also manually wash it in lukewarm water with salt (which is the old school method).

The surgical spirit is actually known to be a British equivalent of the rubbing alcohol. This contains both water and alcohol which is used for treating wounds or even cleaning surgical instruments. Surgical spirit is also known in the British as a methylated spirit containing small amounts of wintergreen and castor oil and is used medically for sterilizing.

To clean your Banisher using the surgical spirit:

1) Soak the Banisher in a container filled with surgical spirit

2) Take Banisher and pen out of the surgical spirit

3) Dry it on top of a clean paper towel.

Denture cleaners can be another alternative or substitute for Isopropyl alcohol when cleaning your Banisher and they come in different forms such as cream, powder, paste or even a tablet format (Polident is one example). Denture cleaners or tablets are otherwise known as dilute sodium hypochlorite/mild bleach.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the old school method of cleaning your Banisher. This is a simple and natural way of soaking your Banisher in warm water with salt.

With these things in mind, cleaning your Banisher should be easy as 1, 2, 3 and hassle-free. Remember to use a 70% concentration of Isopropyl alcohol when cleaning your microneedling tools.

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