Summer Skincare Hacks

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Summer is an amazing season (my personal favorite), but our skin may not like it too much. The heat, sweat, and dry air can send our skin into panic. 



Dry skin is caused by excessive sun and dehydration. Air conditioned buildings can also dehydrate our skins. To decrease chance of having dry skin, make sure to use alcohol free skincare products. Also, eating spices like turmeric, cumin, and coriander will aid in promoting deeper hydration to the skin. 

For a deeper hydrating treatment, a DIY honey mask will do wonders. With honey, coconut oil, and facial oil, mix up the ingredients in a bowl. Leave it on until it naturally dries, and rinse off with warm water. It is extremely hydrating and almost feels like a high end mask.


Of course, the summer tan is necessary, but too much sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation. This can be treated with lemon, which exfoliates, increases cell turnover, and can bleach the skin. DIY sun spot treatment- two tsps. of lemon juice and two tsps. of sugar. Products containing vitamin C, or products specifically meant to “brighten up” will also be very effective.


This red rash may appear on your chest, shoulders, and even butt. It is caused by excessive sweating, and is one of the most annoying things ever. Putting facial mists in the refrigerator and then spraying the cooling spray on your aggravated rash is also a great idea.


 Summer often means too much sun, too little sleep, excessive alcohol, and dehydration. These all add up to puffy under-eyes. DIY remedies include placing ice-cold caffeinated tea bags or cucumber slices under your eyes. Korean skincare lines also have specific masks for de- puffing the eyes. My favorite is from etude house.


Sunburns are extremely damaging to the skin, not to mention terribly painful. For the best instant relief, create a cold compress by dousing a washcloth in witch hazel and popping it in the freezer. The witch hazel has long-lasting anti-inflammatory benefits. An affordable product with witch hazel is the Thayer’s alcohol free witch hazel toner, which can be bought at target for less than 20 dollars. Also, aloe is extremely effective in subsiding sunburns. Apply some aloe directly on the sunburn will help it heal faster. 


With outdoor barbecues and camping come itchy insect bites. To decrease discomfort, use ice cubes to break the itch/scratch cycle. Applying cortisone cream will help to reduce the redness and inflammation. If you want to go the natural route, apply some aloe or basil to the bug bites. They are both anti- inflammatory and reduce pain/ itchiness.

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