Are Fats Good for Me?

February 13, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Jade

Fats have been known for having a bad reputation, either causing weight gain or bad skin when in fact it’s all a lie.

What is fat? And where does it come from?

There are two types of fat, Saturated and un-saturated. Both make up an essential part of our diet and our body cannot function correctly without them. Saturated fat has a different molecular shape compared to un-saturated making it easier for the molecules to clump together and build up on the inside of our arteries. Fats come from a range of foods such butter, cheese, cream, olive oil, avocado and much more.

We do not need a large amount of fat in our diets because it is an energy dense food meaning that a small amount can provide a larger amount of energy where as something like fruit, you would need a lot more of to reach the same amount of energy.

Why are fats good?

There are many reasons as to why fats are needed in our diet and should not be limited.

Many of the vitamins our bodies require such as A,D,E and K are all fat soluble and therefore will not be absorbed into our bodies without fat in our diet. With the absorption of these vitamins, it helps to support our bodies’ skin and hair health.

Fats also help to protect our vital organs and provide a layer of armor to prevent them from getting damaged. Without fat, our organs would be at a higher risk of getting damaged and possibly causing serious injury.

There are some fatty acids which are vital for good health that the body cannot make on its own and needs to be included in our diet.

Fats help to balance out our hormones, particularly omega 3 which helps to support our thyroid hormone. It also enables women to have healthier reproductive systems because the fat will support their hormones and the growth of the baby.

Fats help to improve brain function and reduce depression. This is because our brain is made up of mainly fat and therefore needs to be supplied with that energy to keep it working to the best of its ability.

Fats can easily be mistaken to cause weight gain which is true when it's eaten excessively. But this goes for any food group. If any food, even fruit or vegetables are eaten in an over indulged amount, the body stores the extra energy as added weight so as long as everything is eaten in moderation you will not gain weight.

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