CBD Oil: An Effective Cure for Acne?

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CBD Oil: An Effective Cure for Acne?

by Kali Kushner



In the world of natural healing, nothing is trending hotter right now thancannabinoid oil, also known as CBD oil. It's been claimed to heal depression, anxiety, inflammation, and even cure acne!That’s right- acne. Whenever something claims to cure or even help acne, I’m always a skeptic and insist on trying it myself. I did of course, and saw real eye-opening result.  Specifically, when it came to reductionof inflammation, sebum production, and stress levels. Did it work for my acne? Yes CBD oil reduced my acne after a month of use. But, we will dig deeper into that in a little bit.Before we get into how it exactly works to treat acne, let’s examine what exactly CBD oil is, how it works, and what it can be used for.


What is cbd oil?


First things first, CBD is not weed, okay?! If you're thinking, "heck yeah,I'm going to get legally stoned", sorry,but you'd be wrong. It's true Cannabinoid oil is extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant, but unlike its controversial counterpart, marijuana, it doesn’t contain anyphyscoactive properties. CBD oil contains higher levels of CBD and low levels of THC; THC being the only chemical in marijuana that causes thephyscadelic effects, also known as the "high" feeling when smoked or consumed.

In marijuana CBD levels arelower than THC levels, in the hemp plant CBD levels are higher with lower levels of THC, and in cannabinoid oil CBD levels are the highest with THC levels being very little to nonexistent. Because it does not contain the THC compound and does not make you feel "stoned", cannabinoid oil is not an addictive substance.


how does CBD work in helping acne?


CBD oil works by activating several receptors inside of the body, including thevanilliod,adensoin and serotonin receptors. It also activates the TRV-1 and 5-HT1A receptors, which help in the regulation of body temperature, pain perception, reduction of inflammation, anxiety and depression.


what does CBD Oil treat?


CBD oil has been claimed to treat various different diseases. It'sbasicallyconsidered a cure all, here are some of the diseases or general disorders that have claimed to be cured or significantly helped by CBD oil users:










+Chronic pain

+Sleep Disorders


+Acne or other skin conditions





Is CBD good for acne?


CBD oil is extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of acne in three ways, by inhibiting oil production, decreasing stress, and reducing inflammation.


Regulates Oil Production:Cannabinoid oil, either ingested orally or applied topically, helps to regulate oil production by calming down the sebaceous glands and inhibiting the overall production of sebum. This means that if your face is overly- oily and your pores are easily clogged, CBD may be a good choice for naturally regulating oil production to reduce acne.

Tames Inflammation:A second way CBD helps to reduce acne is through its anti-inflammatory effects. As we are well aware, acne is considered an inflammatorydisease in which thepore becomesred, irritated, and highly inflamed. When it comes tosystematic inflammation, some people can only find relief with CBD oil, morespecifically those with serious joint disorders andcontinuous muscle pain.It is extremelysurprising that inmost cases people have reported an almost complete recovery from theirchronic inflammation when using CBD oil regularly.

It wouldn’t be sofarfetched to think that perhaps because acne is an inflammatory disease wherethesufferers naturally have higher levels of inflammation (due to the genetic IGF-1 gene),cannabinoid oilmay also help to naturally reduce the inflammation that comes along with it.

Reduces Stress: One of the most celebrated aspects of cannabinoid oil is its ability to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.CBD oil itself has anti-stress properties,it lowers the heart rate and allowsstressed individuals the ability to relax.A study published in the international journal ofneurophyschopharmacologyshows that it hasbeneficial therapeutic benefits on the health of humans, preventingthe development of chronicunpredictable stress (CUS).

This is inspiring news when it comes to the treatment of acne; because undoubtedlyacne causes stress and stress causes acne.It can be a difficult cycle to break.When stressed, the skin and the brain both create a spikein cortisol which leads to higher levels of inflammation, increased sebum production, and in general, the perfect breeding ground for acne.

With stress, inflammation, and oil production all taken out of the picture, it appears that cannabinoid oil tackles acne in a multifaceted approach, which is exactly what is needed when it comes to chronic adult acne that is unresponsive totopicals and medication.

My experience with CBD oil for Acne


As someone who believes in dealing with acne in a holistic approach by taking all health aspects into consideration, I was beyondecstatic to give CBD oil a whirl. It actually started withat my friends house when I told her I was experiencing chronic back pain, she whipped out her CBD oil and insisted that I gave it a try- I did. And I never looked back. The very next dayI was soeagerto try it againthat I went tomy local fresh thyme and boughtmy own bottle.

Oddly enough I realized after going out that night and having a few drinks I didn’t breakout, it seemed strange but I didn’t really think too hardabout it.The next few days, I was off the rails so to speak,Icompletelywent off of my insanely strict diet andbasically ate anything I wanted. I went out a few nights,drankquite a bit,stayed up all night, but wait what’s this- still no acne?! At this point I had been taking CBD oil orally for about 2 weeks.

I never thought of it as an acne treatment, it initially began with pain and easing a little bit of social anxiety, but as time went on I was surprised to find that not only was I physically feeling better but I waslookingbetter too!

My skin, perhaps besides a spot or two, had 100% gained full clarity. I was bewildered, after so much research, time, and energy put into my diet and living a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden (as I was completely off my diet) my skin had been the clearestand least irritated it’s been in months.

Then it dawned on me, besides ditching my old diet and ways, I wondered if there was anything new I had begun using. As someone who is very routine, it was easy for me to quickly figure out it was the CBD oil.My back pain subsided, stress was gone, and my skin was the clearest it’s been in aloongggggg time.Could this really be the miracle solution people claim it is?

I still continue to use CBD oil, it has been about a month now and I can say that I honestly have seen dramatic effects, physically and mentally.I no longer wake up and worry if I’m going to breakout, I sleep better at night,my mind feels clearer, and overall it has just been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone whohasn’t seen results with their current skincare, diet, or exercise regimen and continues to struggle daily with acne. With allsymptoms alleviated and no side effects included, I would stretchas far asto say that it is aneven more effective treatment for acne thanaccutane.



Have you tried CBD oil for acne or the treatment of any other disorder/disease? Let me know in the comments below! Let’s talk all things CBD.


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