5 Tips To Get Rid of Body Acne Fast

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5 Tips To Get Rid of Body Acne Fast

By Rebecca Mabee

What's up guys? It's Becca from Pretty in PCOS. Today I thought I would do a video kind of explaining 5 tips to get rid of body acne fast. I'm sure if you guys are acne sufferers, you guys have also gotten some spots on your body like your back, your shoulders, your chest, areas like that.

I definitely have recently developed more back acne and I've developed more acne on my chest as well since I've been working out a lot more at the gym. So I definitely wanted to do a little video to kind of share with you guys what I've been doing to kind of battle my acne on my body, to kind of share the tips and the tricks that I have been doing that have been working for me so far. So yeah, let's get into it.




woman with eyes closed touching her face


Okay, so before I start anything, the very first thing I want to say is that I started treating my body acne like my face acne and once I started doing that, I kind of saw change in my body acne. It was less painful, less red. If I did get a breakout it wouldn't be as bad as it usually had been.

So that kind of happened once I started treating my body acne the same way that I treat the acne that I get on my face. So I think this is pretty important because you're usually experiencing body acne for similar reasons that you do on your face and it could be due to not washing the area as well as you should. It could be due to the sweat and bacteria that get in your pores in your body or it could be due to hormones.

Mine's kind of a mixture of all of them but you could definitely have body acne for several different reasons. So once I kind of started treating my body acne the way I treat my face acne, you definitely could see a change in everything about my body acne. To kind of pamper the rest of my body the same way that I do my face and kind of treating it with the same kindness and respect that I did for the skin on my face.




woman taking a bath scrubbing her back left side with a sponge


So something else that I was doing was that I changed my body wash. So as you guys know I've said this in other videos before. I kind of started to go more towards the natural side. My body wash was kind of one of the last things that I changed. It seemed kind of silly but it's true. Took me kind of a while to find a body wash I actually really liked.

The brand that I'm using right now is from Target. I believe it's just the Method brand. It's just their basic body wash. I have several different smells but I've been using the one from Target from Method. That's the body wash that I've been using on my body.

I don't use any acne scrubbing body washes or I don't use anything with too harsh ingredients. I kind of wanted to just make sure my skin was smooth, my skin was calm, it wasn't irritated or red. I wanted to make sure that my body was clean. That it smelled fresh and most importantly I wanted to make sure that I got the bacteria off from going to the gym like sweating, any oils that my skin produces.

I just wanted to make sure I got a body wash that has left my skin completely clean. You can use one with scrubbies like little beads in it or you can just do a plain body wash. I would do both. I do have more of an exfoliating kind of body wash that I use once or twice a week that I will exfoliate my body with but I do have just like a regular wash that I use every day.




messy blue blanket and two pillows


So the third thing that I have been doing is that I've been changing my sheets more frequently. I know this is kind of some people say it's a myth. Some people say that they wash their sheets every week, once a day, whatever the case may be. Whatever I was doing before, I started just doing more of that.

So I washed my sheets more often. I changed my pillow cases more often. I wanted to make sure that the fabric that I was putting my skin against when I went to bed I wanted to make sure that was clean and fresh and there wasn't any bacteria, there wasn't any dirt, any oils left over from the nights before.

So I know I'm not doing anything crazy like washing my sheets once a day. I have heard of people doing that and if that works for you or if you have time to do that you definitely could do that. I don't see the harm in that but for people like me who go to school, they have a job, stuff like that, washing your sheets once a week instead of every couple weeks or once a month definitely helped me big time with my body acne. I saw a lot of reduction in acne I was getting on my back.


woman on a white bath tub holding a body brush


So the fourth thing that I decided to do to help get rid of my body acne is going back into the shower. So instead of just using a regular loofah that I use on the rest of my body, I actually bought a body brush. So it's just like a long brush with either bristles on it or it has a loofah on it.

You could put soap on there and can actually reach behind your back. So it's able to help me kind of reach the areas that I couldn't reach by myself when I was in the shower. I could reach the middle of my back, my shoulders, my lower back, my middle back as well and I didn't have to worry about just rinsing it off and kind of reaching where I could have. I could actually get my entire back all soapy. So buying a body brush is like super awesome. I definitely recommend anybody to buy a body brush. It just kind of helps make sure you get extra clean.

Body brushes are definitely now one of my favorite things to use. It kind of feels like a massage for your back. I definitely love using it and I definitely saw an improvement in my acne on my back.



Banish activated charcoal clay masque

Okay, and the last thing that I started to do to help with my body acne is I actually started masking on my back.

So just like I said in the beginning of the video, I was taking the time to take care of my body skin just like I was taking care of my facial skin. So once I kind of started doing that, I did moisturizers on my back. I did toners on my back and I did masking on my back as well.

So you definitely could use like Banish has a charcoal masque that I've been using on my back a lot recently just on the blemishes. You could use that as a spot treatment or you can kind of just do all your shoulders. You can do your arms, your chest. You can even do your armpits as well to kind of detoxify your skin.

It really helps to pull the impurities out. So kind of help diminish my acne as soon as I got it, help to pull the bacteria out. It kind of helped to calm and soothe my acne as well because nobody knows more pain than a girl wearing a bra and they have like a pimple or a blemish like right under their bra strap.

I cannot tell you how painful that is because your bra is pulling down on the straps for support and so when it pulls on top of a pimple, it is seriously so painful. So I started masking on my back and it really helped to kind of like keep those from being super irritated. It really helped me in the long run just because my acne would go away like faster than it would before and once I kind of started pampering my skin it definitely changed my skin game like totally because I started seeing less acne and my skin was looking more healthy.

It was looking more moisturized. I was using moisturizers and I was using masks and I was using toners and stuff that I would use on my face. I was getting help from my mom or I was getting help from my fiance. I was having him help me put masks and stuff on my back or on my body where I couldn't reach.

And then I kind of just did the exact same thing as my routine for my face. When instead of using my face moisturizer I would just use a really nice lotion. So I've been using the Body Shop, Body Butter lotions. Those are definitely my favorite and they have a really good moisturizer level. They're super moisturizing.

They are an all natural skin care company as well. Of course I used to work for them so I have a million body butters but that's the moisturizer that I choose to use on my own body but ust treating my skin the way I was treating the skin on my face. I definitely started seeing a huge improvement on my back acne.

All right so that's pretty much it for me. I know this was kind of a shorter video but I kind of just wanted to get this out here and kind of tell you guys the stuff that I've been doing because I know summer is coming up and I cannot wait to wear those super cute strapless dresses. And I have a wedding coming up in fall.

I'm going to do a whole other video and like little segment on that to kind of talk about how I'm keeping my skin like good for my wedding but I definitely have a dress that has a see through back. You can see my shoulders and stuff like that. So I kind of wanted to jump on the ball and get you guys going with me. So thank you for bearing with me.

I know it was kind of more of a shorter video. I just wanted to give you guys an opportunity to kind of start treating your body skin like your face skin. So you can get prepared for summer and so you can wear those cute strapless little dresses and not have to worry about any blemishes or acne on your back.

So thank you guys so much for watching and make sure you subscribe to The Acne Channel and hit that bell notification button so you'll be notified any time we post a new video. Alright guys, that's it for me. Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time.


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