5 Tips To Get Rid of Body Acne Fast

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5 Tips To Get Rid of Body Acne Fast

By Rebecca Mabee



Acne is one of the skin disorders causing outbreaks of skin lesions known as pimples. These lesions can occur mostly in every area of our body, including the face, neck, back, chest and even shoulders.


Acne may be one of the most common diseases and is like any skin condition that can lead to disfiguring and permanent scarring.


You may have recently developed more  back and chest acne like any other acne sufferers do especially when working out at the gym. Here are some tips on how to battle those acne scars and find out which one of these works for you.


Here are some tips to get rid of body acne fast:

  1. Treat body acne like face acne
  2. Change body wash
  3. Change sheets more frequently
  4. Use a body brush
  5. Use masks on your back




 woman eyes closed touching sides of her face


Your  body acne is just like the one on your face and once you start treating them like that, you can see the change. It may not be as bad as it can be.


Treating your  body acne as if it’s your face acne is important since they are just the same. They may be due to the sweat and bacteria that’s clogged in your pores or it could be  hormonal.


Our acne may be kind of a mixture of both body acne and face acne but probably, it’s more of body acne for several reasons. Once we start treating our body acne like  face acne, we will see changes in everything about our body acne. We treat our body acne with kindness and respect by pampering it the same way we do with our face acne.



 woman scrubbing her back with soapy loofah


Changing your body wash  can do a great help for your body acne too. Go for a body wash that contains  natural ingredients instead of chemical ones. It may sound silly but, yes, it works.


Do not just use any acne scrubbing body wash products, especially if they contain ingredients which are too harsh for your body. If you wanted to have smooth, calm and clean skin, go for those brands that have  natural ingredients for your skin and those that will surely take off the bacteria from any sweating and oil.


If you’re the type of person who wants to make sure that your skin is squeaky clean, you can go for the ones with scrubbies that look like little beads or simply just a plain body wash. You may also use an exfoliating kind of body wash once or twice a week, but it is still best to have a regular wash every day.




blue bedsheet comforter and pillows 

Another thing that helps get rid of body acne is  changing your sheets more frequently, both bed and pillow.


Washing and changing your bed and pillow sheets more often can help combat those troublesome back acnes. Make sure that the fabric you are leaning your skin against when heading to bed is clean and fresh, free of the bacteria that was left from the previous nights.


There is no harm at all in washing or  changing those sheets every now and then, especially when it helps clear up your back acne. Make it a habit in doing this routine.



 woman smiling while holding a body brush in a bathtub


Instead of the regular loofah, you use when taking a shower to scrub your back, why not go for a  body brush with either bristles or loofah on it?


With a body brush, you can reach for the unreachable part of your body which is the back and its whole part (middle back and lower back). Buying a body brush can be helpful as it rinses off the part you wanted to reach and make you extra clean.


Body brushes can be your best friend when taking care of your back acne as it may feel like you are given a back massage. It can also show improvements on your back acne.


You may find or buy body brushes on any shop that sells those kinds of brushes with bristles or loofah, just as long as they are friendly to use on your body.




banish activated charcoal masque


The last but definitely not the least, you can combat your back acne by applying masks on your back. It may sound silly for you, but  applying masks on your back can help you prevent those acne scars from coming back or occurring.


As mentioned earlier in the first tip, you can take care of your body acne the way you take care of your face acne. You can even either moisturize, tone or apply the mask on your back.


One of the recommended products to treat your back acne with is the  Banish Charcoal Masque. You can either use it as a spot treatment or just apply it on your shoulders, arms or even your chest. Sounds crazy, but you may even also apply some of it on your arm pits in order to detoxify your skin.


What the Activated Charcoal Clay Mask does is that it helps rid of all the impurities out and diminish acne scars. It can also help calm and smoothen your acne as well, most especially your back acne.


Applying the  mask on your back helps keep your acne from getting irritated and make your acne go away faster in the long run. Aside from all this, mask application makes your back look more moisturized.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you’re treating your back acne with the same kindness and respect that you are treating your face acne by pampering it? Using a nice lotion may also help. 


This may be a good opportunity for you to start taking care of your body skin the way you would treat your facial skin so that you may enjoy your summer and wear dresses without even having to worry about those blemishes appearing on your back.


Aside from these 5 tips given, there are also other ways on how you can get rid of body acne:


Take A Shower Immediately After Working Out


 woman on exercise machine wiping sweat


Getting a lot of sweat from working out gives you the icky feeling plus the possibility of  developing body acne. Wash all those sweats away as soon as possible to help freshen you up for the next activity.


Choose The Right Body Moisturizer


banish vitamin c creme


There is no need to remove or give up those  moisturizers from your routine – just go for the ones which is right for your body or would help alleviate those body acne problems.


You may also go with our Vitamin C Creme or the Banish Oil since these can serve as your daily moisturizer for the skin.


Don’t Pick Your Skin!


Picking your skin can only aggravate your body acne. Go for topical treatments instead to avoid spreading bacteria or getting infections. Treatments such as     benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid gel would do.


Bring Extra Clean Clothes With You

 extra clothing


Whether you’re working out at the gym, at a performing arts class or traveling solo flight, carrying clean clothes would help prevent your body acne from getting worse.


Consult Your Dermatologist


If you feel like nothing else works, it’s time to  consult your skin specialist who would recommend or prescribe topical treatments or an oral prescription such as Spironolactone or Isotretinoin otherwise known as Roaccutane.


So, those are all the tips on getting rid of body acne. Which one works or worked best for you?


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