How To Control Hormonal Acne In Women

August 09, 2017 3 min read 0 Comments

Ever since using topical medication prescribed by my dermatologist for my acne, my skin hadn’t really improved significantly until I went traveling to Asia. It is somewhat ironic as most people’s skin usually react badly when traveling. Before arriving in Asia, I was still getting nodules about once every two weeks, and during the vacation, my skin had gradually cleared up. However, once I had returned home, my nodular acne came back with a vengeance, with the skin condition worse than before traveling. I have been getting tiny red bumps that did not seem like pimples, but they definitely created uneven texture on my forehead. After a couple of weeks of wondering whether the new skincare products I have bought from Asia had caused the breakout, I realized that my skin is not really the type to break out from specific ingredients. Then one day, as I was examining my ridiculously red skin, I noticed that almost my whole entire face was peeling! Finally, it dawned on me that hormonal acne in women may be caused by a few reasons.

 1. My skin was completely dried out

After returning from my traveling, I had gotten lazy and didn’t go through my skincare routine at all except for the prescription medication, which was Retin-A and a clindamycin cream. Both of these medications have dried out my skin so much that my face was cracking and peeling, which was not a pretty sight. As well, the climate in Asia compared to North America was extremely different. While it was hot and humid in Asia, it was cool and dry in North America. The minimalistic skincare routine was great for me when I was traveling because the humid condition served to hydrate my skin from the drying medication, but the same routine did not work back at home. To compensate for this, I now have to put on layers of hydration. I have started introducing hydrating toners as well as an essence in order to restore my moisture barrier.

 2. Lack of hydration and exercise

Because it was so hot and humid in Asia, every step in the outdoors I took resulted in me turning into a sweaty hot mess. I was downing water every chance I get to make up for it. My heart was actively pumping and so my blood was actively circulating my body, resulting in faster metabolism as well as immunity against illness. Back at home, I am binging on TV shows like a couch potato and barely moving an inch. Not exercising had definitely taken a toll on both my skin and health as the bad toxins were not able to be flushed away through the sweating. After realizing these things, I begin to introduce more hydrating products as well as drinking lots of water and exercising. I am starting to see an improvement on my skin after a couple days as my face has become less red and blotchy. I hope that it would become normal again soon!

3. The junk diet

During my time in Asia, I was eating all kinds of delicious food that I would die to taste again. They were not only delicious but also high in nutrients. However, back home, in addition to being a couch potato, I was also eating tons of potato chips and other junk food. I was more sluggish than ever, and my body has also expressed its dissatisfaction with my diet via my broken out skin. After realizing this, I begin to make my own food that is healthy, packed with lots of fruits and vegetables to help flush out toxins. These may be the best approach to hormonal acne in women after all.