Top 8 Foundations for Acne Prone Skin

April 24, 2017 0 Comments

If your skin breaks out faster than the latest viral youtube video, chances are you have been battling with this zit-uation for quite a while now. Acne can happen all over your body, but those breakouts in your face are far more alarming. Covering up the redness and blemishes is just imperative.

Most of us have the dilemma between letting your skin breath and heal or completely covering it up to hide the shame. Fortunately, science can do wonders these days and there are lots of options for you to choose between foundations that work best for acne-prone skin. No more clogged pores, dry skin and irritating formulas as your last option. These products are guaranteed to serve its purpose and keep your skin healthy while safely healing your skin:

1. Lorac Natural Performance Foundation

What we love about it?

Gives you that picture-perfect fair coverage that holds throughout your day. It is loaded with 3 helpful plant extracts and vitamin A to help protect and nourish your skin. While it safely heals your acne, it is available in ten hues too! Did we forget to mention that it's also oil-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free?

2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation Makeup


Why it's a must-have?

It is made up of 100% micro-minerals that leave a matte finish. It blurs out pores, lightweight and is available in three natural shades that last all day long. It is dermatologically tested and very safe for sensitive skin.This comes in a loose powder formula but is oil-free, talc-free, preservatives-free and fragrance-free.  Really worth it!

3. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup


What's to love in it?

It lasts for 8 hours without the need to reapply while leaving a refreshing cooling sensation that blends easily, gently yet actively treats your blemishes. Minimizes sebum without removing your skin's moisture. It offers moderate coverage for blemishes, conceals pore appearance and balances the overall redness. It is also 100% percent fragrance free and oil free. Available in 8 shades from very fair to deep.

4. E.L.F Acne Fighting Foundation


Why it's a steal?

It blends really well, easy to apply, goes on smoothly and has a matte finish which works really well for photographs. It offers light to medium coverage (does not highlight wrinkles) and works best for a sensitive and acne-prone skin. There's a variety of shades that is best suited for very fair to very dark skin tones. We must also mention that you get all these benefits for only $6.

5. BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Mineral Powder Foundation


Why we recommend it?

It has a good range of warm-toned shades. It is fragrance-free and minimizes the appearance of large pores and excess shine. While it is gentle yet effective, this mineral-powered foundation provides flawless coverage. IT has Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil that promotes clearer and healthier looking skin.

6. Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil-Free Makeup


What's great about it?

Its the first and only liquid foundation that has MicroClear technology that not just treat blemishes but also prevents emerging breakouts. MicroClear boosts the effectivity of salicylic acid by cutting through oil and clearing up pores for fast acne relief. It has a natural coverage while making your skin breathe. It also controls shine while maintaining a natural look.

7. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

The coolest thing about it?

It just provides a rich pigment but has a light feel. It is a cream to powder foundation that is known for its blendability. It offers sheer to medium coverage and a matte finish. We highly recommend it for normal to slightly oily skin because it can minimize shine and effectively evens out skin tone without being cakey. It even lasts through the day without fading, creasing and slipping off. There's a hint of lavender extract in it too!

8. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation - Acne Control


Why is it best for you?

The product has been developed to provide consistent and lightweight coverage while repairing and perfecting your skin. It has Ceravitae and other innovative treatment formulas to help skin oxygenation for repair and renewal. It controls spot-causing bacteria, minimizes scarring and redness, combat breakouts and helps renew your skin. It is simply an all-around treatment and tinted moisturizer.

No matter what products your choose, always ensure to have a healthy skin care regimen prior to applying makeup. Get enough sleep, plenty of hydration and exercise. These tips will surely get you a long way in avoiding further breakouts and heal effectively.