Myths About Adult Acne

June 09, 2017 0 Comments

I know most of you probably love myths as much as the next guy or gal, so let’s talk about some adult acne myths. You know we have all heard them.

One of my favorite things I hear when I talk about acne to people that have never had this problem is…, (“I thought only teens get acne?”). Um no, you can get acne at any age actually. This myth is such a strong one because about 95% of teens have some shape or form of acne, but adult acne is common in about 30-40% of adults. Sometimes there are people who don’t even have acne until they become an adult or it worsens. It is especially present in women because of all of our hormonal changes as we age.

Here is one that I thought was true for the longest time. The sun clears up adult acne. Nope, it actually doesn’t. All the times I laid out thinking I was clearing up my adult acne while getting a nice tan I really wasn’t. It can actually do the opposite and spread your breakouts by inflaming the skin and increasing cell turnover. Now, if you know what acne is you would understand how this is bad. Acne is simply where your follicle gets clogged with sebum and dead cells. So…, while the sun is increasing cell turnover this is actually increasing the cell buildup if you have acne prone skin. The sun also speeds up the process of aging, wrinkles, and dark spots, and can cause skin cancer, which none of us want either. That is why it is extremely important for everyone of any age, gender, or race to wear a daily full spectrum sunscreen of at least 15 on the face and 30 on the body. There is a way, however, to use a colored light to treat and kill p. Acne which is the acne bacteria, but it must be done with a dermatologist or licensed aesthetician.

    Another myth is that acne is curable. Unfortunately, acne is not. We all want to find a cure to this disorder, but as of today, there is not a treatment that can permanently rid you of acne forever. Acne is a continuous situation that exists on and under your skin. It may come and go but if you are acne prone you need to be concerned on how to manage it at all times. However, you can control acne and you can make your skin look clear and radiant. It’s all about finding products and even medicines and putting them together in a combination that is perfect for your skin. How you care for your skin is extremely important when trying to achieve the goal of clear skin.

    Pimples happen overnight. False, acne is working under your skin for weeks before you may see it. It just happened to surface while you slept. This is something I just found out this very moment. I had no clue that it took acne weeks to appear on the skin. It’s actually very frightening! First, the excess dead skin cells clog the pores. Then, there is an overproduction of sebum and overgrowth of p. Acne in the pore. Last, inflammation occurs as a reaction to the bacteria and it’s by-products. This is why the process takes so long, so it is very important you eat the right foods, drink plenty of water, and use the appropriate and healthiest options for cleansing your skin.

    These are just some of the myths, but isn’t it crazy how at one point in life or maybe even now we also believed them. I know there were a couple I knew had to be true before I researched them. Well…, now we know!