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It is never simple as getting restful and sound sleep. Though, it helps! You need to establish a skin care routine that works for your skin type and with your lifestyle.Taking proper care of our skin is something that should be consistent. Yes to that! The ideal skin care routine is not always straightforward. Not only does it depend on your skin tone and type, but it should also include different components.




I have had terrible skin all my life. I understand what you're going through if you have acne. Don't worry about it, because we're all in this together.

I created  Banish as a skincare line that is natural, organic and focused on healing your skin from the inside and out. I went through acne challenges. I tried a lot of different products like  salicylic acid,benzoyl peroxide, sulfur ingredients that were pretty harsh.







I’ve been using Banish All Clear Mint Cleanser to wash my face. I personally like our cleanser because It is mild and made from organic aloe vera leaf, cucumber peel extract, glycerin, grapefruit, chamomile and a lot more organic ingredients. There is no sulfate in the cleanser. Sulfate is the ingredient in a lot of cleanser, shampoos, body washes and laundry detergent. This ingredient strips away the oils which is why I didn't want to put sulfate in our cleanser.

Pump a pea sized amount and massage onto your face in circular motions. This is like a lotion kind of liquid. Wipe off using a facial sponge or with a clean cloth or you may rinse off as well. Please avoid using around the eyes.

This cleanser leaves you with soft and clean skin. 




I use ice before rolling. This helps to numb my face before I use the roller. This is like doing an ice facial.

Fill in your container with alcohol then leave the  Banisher Roller for 5 to 10 minutes to sanitize. Let it air dry after or you may use a paper towel to dry it.

Roll over the Banisher on the affected areas of your face. The Banisher creates micro wounds which trigger skin’s natural repair system. It rebuilds new collagen and elastin fibers which is the foundation of the skin. This new layer of skin forming will push out damaged skin, and cause scarring to fill in. Moderate pressure is enough when rolling.

Your skin may turn a little red after using it. Usually, redness would go away the next day but if it’s your first time to use, it might last a little longer because your skin is not yet used to it.

I also use the Banisher Stamp which works same as the roller. For those who have pimples, you are not supposed to roll over on active pimples because it will only spread the bacteria and it will pop the pimples.

The bristles of our Banisher are made of titanium. It is a metal that is bacteria resistant, and won't cause an allergic reaction. It is longer lasting and bristles are evenly distributed. It is best to replace the Banisher after 3-4 uses. The needles become dull and can cause a risk of infection to the skin from previous uses as dead skin cells can get stuck in the bristles and build up on it.


  •  SERUM



After rolling, we use the  Banish Oil. This has 4% of Vitamin C. A nutrient for your body that is vital to skin and health. Vitamin C has used to your skin to create elastin and collagen. This is for scars, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging and as a moisturizer.

The serum is formulated to be used together with the Banisher, but also works well on its own. A higher percentage of Vitamin C can actually be too harsh and can cause damage by irritating skin too much. The acidic pH is necessary for Vitamin C to would absorbed by the skin. We keep the formula as mild as possible while still being effective.

Pump at least 3-4 times on your palm and apply it on your face and that's already good enough for entire coverage. I use a napkin when I apply Banish Oil. I'm putting a napkin, that is because I don't trust that my hands are clean so I take a napkin and I dab it. I press it into my skin to ensure that all the little holes I've created would  be filled with these wonderful serum.




The  Vitamin C Beauty Elixir has used to help deal with redness, it hydrates and refreshes the skin and even used as a toner. You can spray on cotton pad and wipe on the face.

You're going to spray it to seal in everything you've done. It adds moisture back into the skin, because our skin feels a little bit irritated from the Banisher.




You may wear makeup at least 8 hours after rolling.

I recommend that you do this routine before bed time. You would not want to do this at the beginning of the day or in the morning because it feels sticky and greasy. You might also feel awkward because your face is going to be a little red so you don't want to be going out. The best time to do this is at night before your special date because I can guarantee you how amazing this system. The next day you will have this radiant glow.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would love to hear your daily skincare routine. Let me know in the comments below.