How To Create A Skin Care Routine For Acne Scars

How To Create A Skin Care Routine For Acne Scars
Nothing feels more frustrating to have your acne cleared up, but the acne scars remain.  There are ways to remove acne scars, however!
What you need is to establish a skin care routine for acne scars that works for your skin type. 
Your ideal acne scar skincare routine depends on what your skin responds to,  but the guide below will work for almost anyone who is looking for an easy acne scar routine to fade the scars away. 

Skincare Routine For Acne Scars

Having severe acne all my life is an obstacle I've faced, but don’t fret! You’re not alone in that journey. 

This skin care routine is based on my personal struggle with acne and acne scarring as well research and consultation with plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

I didn't have a good experience with common OTC treatments like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or with medication like Differin, etc but if it works for you then stick with it! 

Daily A.M. Acne Scar Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleanse with gentle cleanser ( All Clear Mint Cleanser ) 
  2. Apply a good quality Vitamin C Serum like the Banish Serum 
  3. Apply Sunscreen if exposed to sun, my personal preference is mineral sunscreen but whatever works for you.  
  4. Weekly exfoliation 1-2 times a week depending on tolerance. 

In the evening, Once every 2 weeks or every week I like to microneedle with the Banisher and apply banish serum afterwards. 


 A good cleanser is essential in any skin care routine, more so if you have acne prone skin.  There's some evidence that suggests cleansing twice a day is better for acne prone skin compared to once a day.

I’ve been using Banish All Clear Mint Cleanser to wash my face. I personally like this cleanser because It is mild and made from organic aloe vera leaf, cucumber peel extract, glycerin, grapefruit, chamomile and more.

There is no sulfate in the cleanser. Sulfate the foaming and detergent agent in a lot of cleansers, shampoos, body washes and laundry detergent. This ingredient can be too drying and stripping on the skin which is why I don't use cleansers with it. 

Throughly cleanse for about a minute and rinse off. 

You can use the All Clear Mint Cleanser to wash your make up off too, but in the evening we recommend double cleansing to fully remove makeup or sunscreen. 

Ingredient Highlight In The All Clear Mint Cleanser

Ginger essential oil is a concentrated oil extracted from fresh or dried ginger. This essential oil is a best form of oil to use as a medicine due to its higher concentration of gingerol and other organic compounds. It can also help rapidly relieve the pain, swelling and other discomfort on joints or other sore areas on the body.

Ginger is also great for calming inflammatory conditions such as acne so we love ginger for acne prone skin.

2. Apply Dark Spot Correcting Vitamin C Serum - Banish Serum

Using a Vitamin C Serum or moisturizer is recommended in an acne scar routine because of the brightening and collagen enhancing properties. 
Vitamin c is one of the most studied ingredients to prevent and brighten acne scar marks quickly.   
The Vitamin C in form of L ascorbic acid is responsible for creating elastin and collagen and perfect for acne scars. 
We recommend the Banish Serum since it's a fresh made Vitamin C Serum with L ascorbic acid and simple natural ingredients.   If you have an oilier skin type, the Vitamin C Creme is a great alternative. 

3. Apply An SPF 50 Moisturizerthe defender on kali


Last but not the least, finish your AM routine with a sunscreen moisturizer especially if you will be exposed to the sun.

 We recommend something at least SPF 50.    Vitamin C applied before your sunscreen helps boost the uv protection of your sunscreen too! 

UV exposure can break down collagen and darken dark spots so it's important to keep skin protected.  Many acne treatments applied on the skin or even taken as a pill can make skin more vulnerable to UV damage too so its extra important to keep protected. 

Exfoliate 1-3 Times A Week

When it comes to acne scars, exfoliation is important. Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week with a chemical exfoliator like the Pumpkin Enzyme Masque. This also contains ginger, vitamin a, and vitamin c to all help with skin turnover to speed up the fading of acne scars. 

If you prefer a very gentle daily exfoliator, the Pore Shrinker Watermelon Toner is also a good alternative. 

You may choose to exfoliate less often or more often depending on how your skin responds.  Signs you are overexfoliating may be skin sensitivity such as extra burning, redness, or stinging with regular skincare products. 

PM Skincare Routine For Acne Scars 

1. Cleanse ( Double Cleanse If Wearing Makeup)

You can use the All Clear Mint Cleanser to wash your make up off too, but in the evening we recommend double cleansing 

2. Apply Retinol in the evening. 

Retinol is another popular ingredient that can help with acne scars and discoloration.   This can be used after cleanser and toner, but don't use it right after the Banisher.   

Retinol can be irritating and drying for many people as a side effect, so start off slow by just using a pea sized amount once every 2 or 3 days and use plenty of moisturizer after. 

If you want a gentle retinol that won't cause burning or irritation the Retinol+Ceramide serum absorbs quickly and has skin barrier promoting ingredients so it won't irritate the skin.   

3. Once every 2 weeks to once a week Use Banisher 

The Banisher is what makes the biggest difference if you have pitted acne scars.  This can be done once a week or once every 2 weeks.  

The Banisher is a patented microneedling tool with gold plated bristles.  It creates micro channels on the skin to increase product absorption, causing skin to resurface and creates new collagen. 

Aesthetics doctor, Dr. Nicole James is also a fan of using the Banisher to enhance skincare absorption. According to Dr. James,  “I’ll use the device, put on all my skincare serums after. This really helps the serums skin into the skin so that you get the most out of your skincare.”  

Make sure to sanitize it before every use and only use on freshly cleansed skin.

Redness appears after using the Banisher, however that's normal and it goes away within a couple hours and your skin should be glowing by next morning. 

No Makeup 8 hours After Microneedling with Banisher 3.0

Wait at least 8 hours to heal and recover from the Banisher and don't overuse it.  

Apply Banish Serum or Vitamin C Creme after using the Banisher Microstamp.  

Right After microneedling,  Apply Banish Serum or Vitamin C Creme

Similar to your morning routine, you'd want to use Vitamin C in the evening as well to help with acne scars!  The Banish Serum or Vitamin C Creme is also gentle enough to be used right after the Banisher too.

Be patient and consistent, acne scars can be stubborn and results may take at least a month to show, however some people notice a result within the first week!  Don't get discouraged, we're here to help. 

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