How To Create A Skin Care Routine For Acne Scars

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How To Create A Skin Care Routine For Acne Scars

 Without consistency, you aren't going to get the results you want in a skincare routine.  What you need is to establish a skin care routine for acne scars that works best for your skin type and lifestyle.. Your ideal acne scar skin care routine depends on your skin tone and type as well as the order you use your skin care products.

When To Start A Skincare Routine for Acne

Having terrible skin all my life is an obstacle I've faced and so was going through with acne. But don’t fret! You’re not alone in that journey. This skin care routineis based on my personal struggle with acne since I was young.  I didn't have a good experience or results with OTC treatments like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or with medication like Differin, etc so I decided to create a plant based line with ingredients that worked for me.

Steps In My Acne Scar Skincare Routine:
  1. cleanse
  2. resurface skin with the Banisher 2.0
  3. Apply a good quality Vitamin C Serum like the Banish Oil
  4. Add extra hydration with the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir. 


 A good cleanser is essential in any skin care routine, more so if you have acne prone skin. I’ve been using Banish All Clear Mint Cleanser to wash my face. I personally like this cleanser because It is mild and made from organic aloe vera leaf, cucumber peel extract, glycerin, grapefruit, chamomile and a lot more organic ingredients. There is no sulfate in the cleanser. Sulfate is the ingredient in a lot of cleanser, shampoos, body washes and laundry detergent. This ingredient strips away the oils which is why I didn't want to put sulfate in our cleanser.

Pump a pea sized amount and massage onto your face in circular motions. This is like a lotion kind of liquid. Wipe off using a facial sponge or with a clean cloth or you may rinse off as well. Please avoid using around the eyes.

This cleanser leaves you with soft and clean skin. 

Ingredients In This Cleanser: Ginger Essential Oil

It may seem a little bit surprising but ginger essential oil is known to be a powerful and useful tool to your overall health, especially your skin. Ginger essential oil is a concentrated oil extracted from fresh or dried ginger. This essential oil is a best form of oil to use as a medicine due to its higher concentration of gingerol and other organic compounds. It can also help rapidly relieve the pain, swelling and other discomfort on joints or other sore areas on the body.

Ginger essential oil can also be a cleansing agent for its antiseptic properties as it works perfectly in killing the bacteria causing acne and allows the skin to remain clean and acne free.


Spearmint has been said to be helpful for hormonal acne. Drinking spearmint tea helps keep you hydrated and help improve your skin.

With a pea sized amount of this all mint cleanser, massage it onto your face in circular motions. Banish All Mint Cleanser is a lotion kind of liquid. Wipe it off using a facial sponge or a clean cloth or you may opt for rinsing it off as well.

This product leaves you with a soft and clean skin.

2. Use the Banisher to Resurface Skin 1x A Week.

The Banisher is a patented microneedling tool with 24k gold plated bristles.  It creates micro channels on the skin, causing skin to resurface and creates new collagen.  The microchannels also increases absorption of skin care products applied afterwards. 

Redness would appear after using the Banisher. However recovery time would vary on your skin type or skin condition..

3. Apply Serum Like the Banish Oil

Using the Banish Oil is recommended after the Banisher as a part of your acne scar skin care routine.  The Vitamin C in form of L ascorbic acid is responsible for creating elastin and collagen and perfect for scars, hyperpigmentation and reducing fine lines. The Banish Oil can also act as your moisturizer.

This Vitamin C Serum is to be used together with the Banisher, but it can also work well on its own as a stand-alone treatment. 

Pump this at least 3-4 times on your palm then apply it on your face for entire coverage. Use a napkin when applying Banish Oil. Press it to your skin so that the holes created would be filled with serum.

4. Moisturize & Hydrate

Last but not the least for your acne scar skin care routine would be to moisturize.  You can use something light like the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir, or something more moisturizing the the Vitamin C Creme.

Spray on the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir as a finishing touch for your skin care routine for acne scars. This helps to add moisture back to your skin without having to touch your skin further.  

Can I Wear Makeup After Using the Banisher?

Wait at least 8 hours to heal and recover from the Banisher. It is recommended to use the Banisher once per week and works better as a night time routine. 

Be patient and consistent, as results can take up to a month to show!  


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