What Is Face Mapping And What Your Acne Tells You

March 14, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

What Is Face Mapping And What Your Acne Tells You

By Daisy Jing


Hey guys! So today I am going to be talking about face mapping and face mapping is basically about why you get certain  kinds of pimples or spots along certain parts of your face because they actually symbolize what's going on internally because your skin is very much a reflection of what's going on inside.

So take this information with a grain of salt. Obviously, I am not a doctor, but if you do see these patterns, you should go to a doc to see what's really going on.



man showing his forehead


This is where a lot of starts to get acne when we're younger, especially a 13-year-old kind of face. This area is correlated with your bladder. If your forehead is red and puffy, you may be eating too sugary of foods. Or the foods might be too rich.

For some people, if they're  lactose intolerant, their forehead can start breaking out. So that might mean you are allergic to dairy. So the three solutions if you are breaking out on your forehead is to one, drink less soda. Two, eat less sugary foods. And three is to stop drinking dairy.

Also if you have bangs, the oil in your bangs might actually cause that acne on your forehead. So make sure to wash those bangs. 


woman with only the eyes and eyebrows shown

Okay. So in between the eyebrows, right here, you might develop  redness, flakiness or excess oil between the eyebrows. This can indicate stressed liver or allergies.

Acne here indicates the need to reduce dairy, alcohol and fatty foods in your diet. So the solution is to avoid smoking, to eat light and avoid rich, fatty foods and to also avoid late night snacks.


left brown eye with long eyelashes


If you have puffiness underneath your eyes or if they're blue, you're actually depleting your liver and kidneys by eating too much rich and fatty food. This also applies if the inner corner of the eyes has a sunken, dark blue color to it.

If your ears are redder than your facial skin, then you're overworking your adrenal gland.

So anything along with the eyes really points to  signs of dehydration. So that means you're not drinking enough water or you're drinking too much alcohol or coffee or drinks that would dehydrate you. And also try avoiding salt whenever possible.


woman with right eye and lips shown

So if you have problem skin around your cheek, a lot of this is caused by dirty pillowcases and pore-clogging  makeup. Also, a lot of times if you hold your phone next to your cheek, your phone actually might be harboring that bacteria. So make sure to clean your phone regularly.

Your cheeks are linked to your lungs, so if you are smoking and you develop bad skin around your cheeks, it is best advised to stop smoking and you shouldn't be smoking anyway because it's really bad for you.

So for smokers, acne breakouts actually common near the temples. On the left cheek, if you develop these problems, you should not overeat and you should try to decrease the amount of junk food that you eat. Try to decompress and relax.

The liver is strongest from 1:00 to 3:00 AM to make sure you're sleeping during that time. The liver is weakest from 1:00 to 5:00 PM so schedule difficult work in the morning. Practice proper hygiene, especially if you live in a polluted city.

Check laundry detergents for any irritating ingredients. Change the pillowcases if you sleep frequently on your face or your stomach.

So lower left cheek acne can also symbolize poor gums and teeth. So make sure you're brushing regularly, going to the dentist regularly, and flossing. Okay. So the nose area. Breakouts along this part of your face may represent high blood pressure, poor diet, constipation or a vitamin B deficiency.

To avoid breakouts here, make sure to use makeup that is labeled as non-comedogenic, which means it doesn't clog pores, besides using better makeup. Eat less meat. Eat fewer salts. Eat less pungent foods.

Replace bad fats with good fats including  omega-3s. Eat warm temperature foods so not too cold or not too hot. Get more fresh air. Exercise daily.

Massage the area around your nose for better circulation and make sure you're getting enough vitamin-B in your diet.


woman with earring on the left ear holding chin with some acne


The chin is actually linked to the stomach and it is related to eating greasy foods. The solution to helping the chin is to increase your fiber and reduce the toxin overload and also drink  herbal teas to help with digestion.

If you have breakouts on the sides of your chin, this may symbolize that you're going through that time of the month.

Thank you all so much for watching. I hope this gave you a little bit of insight into what your face tells you if it's breaking out. So thank you all so much for watching. Don't forget to subscribe and thumbs up to this video and I will talk to you guys later. Bye!