By: Masako

When it comes to dealing with acne, sometimes it’s not the big, major things that we have to think about. Although they are important, hence them being the big and major things, we should also not forget the little things. Because, although small, they can make the biggest difference.


1. Sheets

Always make sure that your pillow case and bedding is clean and fresh! I never let my pillow case last more than 4 days, and with my sensitive, eczema skin, that’s already cutting it too close.

2. Cellphone

When answering calls, I don’t put the screen of the phone close to my face. The only part touching the phone is my ear. Also, always clean the screen of your phone with some wet tissue, especially one with alcohol.

3. Don't Touch

Don’t touch your face throughout the day! I used to have this habit of touching my face for no reason at all, but never do this! Your hands are always handling things; touching money, holding your keys, throwing out the garbage. Never touch your face with hands that are not freshly washed.

4. Pollution 

Although you and I do not have complete control over air pollution, the best we can do when heading outdoors is to wear a facemask. Although it can get very annoying, I wear facemasks when I’m going to a place that has a lot of air congestion. Meaning the area that I am going to has a lot of carbon emission from cars, or the certain area is know to be the dustier parts of town. If you don’t have facemasks, just make sure to bring a handkerchief with you so that you can easily cover your face.

5. Water

Staying hydrated is very important! I used to not believe that drinking water would help my complexion, but I did it after constant persuasion from my mother. Because after all, mothers know best. And, once again, she was right! Once I increased my water intake, my skin started looking a little bit clearer, and surprisingly plumper.

These are just a few tips that I have been following and living by every day. At first, I was doubtful, and at the end, I was completely surprised. Although this did not give me perfect, flawless skin, I could really tell the difference. The breakouts were not as intense as they used to be, my skin felt clearer, and plumper.

Sometimes all we have to do is pay closer attention to the little things that we do, and making some minor changes could bring some major effects.

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