Perfect Light Coverage

April 27, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

by: Amber Cozad


I’ve never really been a fan of heavy face makeup, and every time I tried a liquid makeup or powder, I always felt caked down and unnatural. Given that I am not a makeup artist and am far from skilled in the realm of makeup application, I may have just been putting the makeup on the wrong way.

Either way, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Why is this so hard? All I want is one product to simply put on my face and go about my day.” Of course I had heard of BB Creams before, but as skeptical as I was about any type of tinted face coverage, I was naturally reluctant to buy a tube of it. That, and I’ve always had a hard time spending money on products I’m not sure will work.

However, in a moment of impulse and in the mindset of spoiling myself, I grabbed a tube of Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. As an added plus, it also had broad spectrum SPF 15, which was important to me because at the time I had just realized the importance of sun protection.

When I first tried the cream, I was so unused to seeing any makeup-like product on my skin that I assumed it was way too thick. After administering some mental pep talks to myself, I realized that I was just being insecure and nervous of looking like I tried too hard to make myself look nice. Again, remember that I had never really worn any kind of makeup. A few trips to different mirrors in different lighting mitigated my fears—I looked good!

The cream is actually very light, and adds the perfect amount of coverage to give my skin a nice even look.  This cream is perfect if you have slightly uneven skin tones and just want one product that will make your skin look great. As I started experimenting with makeup, I learned that if I add some concealer to dark spots or scars on my face before applying the BB Cream, my face looks even more fresh and even while still looking natural.

I actually prefer the BB Cream to any sort of liquid foundation, because the cream absorbs into my skin almost like a moisturizer, while the liquid foundations tend to sit on my face and look cakey.

The only downfall I have found is that the cream can make my face look shinier than usual, so if you’re a fan of the matte look this product may not be for you! Overall, though, it is my favorite skin coverage product.


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