How Acne Has Shaped My Life

April 14, 2015 0 Comments

By Alvina Chowdhury

If someone were to ask me how acne impacts what I do, what I wear, it would not be a simple question that is ended with a few words, it’s something to really explain and illustrate how it has affected my life growing up till day.  I’m a girl who loves fashion, I love to go out and dress up with my girlfriends and have a good time, I love to wear whatever I want and however I want, but unfortunately minor things such as acne really can change all of that. 

When acne first took place in my life, it began forming small bumps on my back and chest.  Along the years, especially during middle school, it spread all around both my arms and chest, and slowly on my forehead and face. 

Till day I cannot wear a strap dress or top because of the bumps I still continue to have on my chest and back.  I have always had major problematic skin on my chest and back which has no left me with major scarring.  My acne struggle isn’t your typical one because I don’t know anyone who has suffered severe acne on the back, chest, arm, and face all at the same time. 

In high school, I wouldn’t dare to wear a regular V-neck that wasn’t even that low because it would show all my pimples.  The few times I did, I would catch people staring at my chest.  And no, it wasn’t because of my boobs, it was because they were distracted by my uncommon area of acne on my chest.  If did wear a V-neck I either had to wear an undershirt beneath it so that the cut wouldn’t be low enough to present all of my acne or I would have to wear an infinity scarf to cover it completely, and yes, even on a hot day I had to keep my scarf on. 

Continuing on, I couldn’t even wear sleeveless tops and dresses anymore because of what my arms looked like.  They were horrendous; full of dark, almost blackish looking acne scars and red bumps from acne, and it doesn’t end there.  If you think clothing was the only thing I had to worry about then you are wrong, my hair was another ordeal. 

Never did I attend school or anywhere else with my hair up, I couldn’t.  If I put my hair up my acne on my chest and face would be more visible.  And if anyone caught me with my hair up, then you best believe that I was wearing something similar to a long sleeve turtle neck that covered everything. Neither will I ever cut my hair short, because my hair is my shield till this day.   And it doesn’t even end there.  If I had major acne issues on my face at the moment, then your best bet is that I wouldn’t look at you in the eye if you were talking to me, I would look elsewhere and avoid eye contact. 

Then comes how much I worked and who I worked for, for the sake of chemical peel treatments.  I worked at a spa for a lady that didn’t necessarily have my best interest only for the sake of getting free treatments at her spa.  Yes, I worked at a job that didn’t pay me because I did a trade-off instead.  If I did a treatment worth $120, then yes I worked enough to be equivalent to $120 and make no money.  I was desperate. 

Also, did I mention I love food and I love eating? Well, I do, but guess what?  I can’t eat all the junk, greasy foods like my friends can, not because of the typical reason, weight, but because ONE unhealthy food in my diet will result in at THREE new pimples at minimum.  Overall, the struggle of acne is something that is shaped my life, and normally people say that statement with positivity, but in my case it is quite the opposite. 

What things have you done to go out of your way to cover up your acne?