How to Cover Acne Scars with Concealers

July 24, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Tianna

Acne scarring is terrible and it can really make you feel self-conscious about yourself. Even though Makeup won’t make Acne scarring any better it sure will boost your confidence and it’s a quick fix also!

Being a woman of color my acne scars are a dark brown color and sometimes they show themselves through my foundation so I use a corrective concealer to hide it. It's easy to know how to cover acne scars once you know the basics about concealers.

What is a corrective concealer? 

Corrective concealers are completely different from regular concealers. A normal concealer will be a shade or two lighter than your skin or a shade or two darker than your skin tone if it is being used to contour/highlight your face our to just conceal marks on the face. Corrective concealers come in the colors green, orange/peach, white, yellow, pink and purple. The different colors help with a plethora of skin imperfections.

Green Concealer-This conceals redness, most commonly used on people of light skin tones.

Yellow Concealer-Helps conceal under eye circle and dark spots. Can be mixed with orange concealer to make a peach or pink color.

Pink Concealers- Makes skin last dull and gives it more of a lively look.

Orange/peach Concealers-Conceals dark spots such as acne scars. It cancels out the appearance of any type of scarring.

Purple Concealer-neutralizes yellow colors

White Concealer- Highlights and shimmers

Apply Concealers with a sponge or a beauty blender and blend it out, then proceed to apply your foundation. Some corrective concealers like the orange concealer or yellow concealer can set off the actual color of your foundation so make sure to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND and apply enough foundation to make sure your concealer does not give off an orange or yellow hue.

Best Corrective concealers By Brand:

  1. A. Girl Pro. Conceal High Definition concealer ( these come in tubes and not a palette) (Price range-$2-5 for each tube at BSS, and online)
  2. NYX Color Correcting Concealer palette (Price Range- $5-9 at Ulta, Target or online)
  3. Make Up Forever concealer palette (Price: $40 at Sephora)
  4. L.F. corrective Concealer palette (Price Range: $3-6 ELF store, target and online)
  5. Maybelline Corrective concealer sticks (Price Range: $4-7 at Ulta, Walmart, Target, or any drug stores) 
Just follow these beauty tips on how to cover acne scars with the right concealer and you'll be good to go!

    *Tip: If your concealer is close to the color of your foundation just mix the two together to save yourself a long process.