Strange Home Remedies For Acne

November 08, 2015 2 min read 0 Comments

By Roma

In correspondence to my previous home remedies for acne that I had been using as ointments; I would continue my story with how I ate different things to try to stop my acne. So living in the middle east, my family strongly believed in home remedies for the treatment of almost every disease and honestly speaking; I was just so fed up of the traditional stuff that they had been using on me to cure my acne. You cant even imagine what on earth I had to go through to treat my acne through home remedies.

Most of the times I ended throwing up after taking in a particular remedy. So there was this day when my aunt shows up and after making me feel miserable about my existence. So after complementing on my fair complexion she goes on about telling me that I should get rid of my acne or else I wont get no boy friends etc. So she told me to drink bitter gourd juice every morning on empty stomach.

I was ready to even taste poison to get rid of my acne so I even tried that. I kept drinking it for almost 2 weeks but I ended up having a severe stomach infection because of it so I had to discontinue it and also because it was not helping cure my acne at all. So that did not work for me. Moving on to the next home remedy for oral intake suggested by my grand mother; she suggested me to drink a minimum of 60 glasses of water each day.

I do understand that keeping yourself hydrated is a good thing and its really very essential but 60 glasses per day ??? Anyway I did that too because I was ready to go to any extreme to get rid of my acne. Drinking all that amount of water did give me a healthy body but nothing really happened to my skin.

My face was still acne prone and I knew that it was not going to go away unless I get treated for it medically. My family did support me morally but what I really was medical help but these false medications that my relatives kept telling me about were of no good to me but I had no choice but to use those because I was under 18 yet.

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