Benefits of rose petal water on Acne

November 09, 2016 2 min read 0 Comments

By Kennedy

I have to admit I may be a little too excited to talk about this little miracle product. Until about two months ago I didn’t know what a “holy grail” product was, I had never had a product I would call a holy grail or immediately jump to. But boy was a I wrong.

When my face started to really get bad and break out, and I’m talking huge honking cysts that would remain for close to 3 to 4 weeks I thought I was in for the worse. That was until I came across Thayers rose petal water. When you’ve used so many products for so many years and have little to no results you end up having little trust with new products and this one was no different.

I didn’t have high hopes from the various times that I had been let down or disappointed from thinking something was going to work for me and then just stop. I just know I needed something to help get the dirt off my face after a wash and to help regain moisture and I knew that people have claimed this bad boy to do the trick. My first thought was how soft my face was after, I couldn’t believe it. I thought hey, if this didn't get rid of my acne it sure worked to refresh me and keep my skin soft so no losers here, right?

Then I fell in love. I started to notice a change in my skin, no longer would I feel that dread of looking in the mirror and seeing a bump surfacing that i knew would turn into a large pimple in a matter of hours, or the feeling of eating something that isn’t the best for you and knowing that it could cause a breakout just in a meer matter of days, because this product was actually working to reduce my acne.

The more I used it and the days went on the more my skin looked better, it didn’t help so much for my scars, but it did really help even out my skin tone and my skin texture, my skin stopped looking so red and dehydrated and started to get its shine and hydration back, which I missed dearly since starting the regimen.

Now about 2 months in, I can say that my acne has subsided greatly, and I know that this product is to blame for the confidence I’m regaining every day :). I couldn’t be more happy, if you haven’t tried it out give it a try! What’s left to lose?