By Mari

The pumpkin enzyme masque was not my first pick at the market. I was not made aware of the existence of such a company nor product up until this very fortunate year when I discovered about it through Instagram and Facebook ads.


Currently, the other natural thing I am trying for my face is something I have seen from Banish’s Instagram account as well – the rice water toner. It is actually working good for me. Unlike before, I have tried the Oatmeal face mask. Everyday, when I was still around 14 years old, I crushed a lot of Oatmeal and added water and squeezed a few lemon slices in order to create a blemish lightening mask. It did not work out pretty well for me since it only worsened after a week. I have also tried leaving on fresh tomato juice all over my face, but it was also a failed experiment. Unfortunately, the banana peel for the scarring also helped for a while, then my dermatologist when I was still around 15 said I should stop using it since she was not familiar with it and so I just listened to her and I have not tried it ever since again.


One all-natural product that I still love using is the tea tree oil. The scent is very strong but I got used to it pretty quickly. It really is a quick way to remove patches of pimples overnight. It worked wonders for me at least. It worked pretty well for about a month until my very small bottle from The Body Shop ran out and I only bought it when it was on sale. So, I could not afford to buy another one. Another natural way that did not make me regret trying it is the egg white face mask. I just took out the yellow yolk and placed the uncooked egg white all over my face. It felt like my face was just being pulled and squeezed altogether than I could not even move my lips and eyebrows, I was scared at first but the very best thing I got from it was there was no bad effect that come from trying it. My face just felt smoother and my pores were not that visible. I have read from research that you can only try it twice a week and we are not that capable of buying lots of egg I could waste so I decided to just keep that to my list of good experiment just like the tea tree oil, the rice water toner and the pumpkin enzyme masque. My list of good natural ways to help my acne is really short compared to the failed ones that I actually regret trying because it just made my skin look more bad than I expected.

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