Living with Hyperpigmentation

By: Aly

One of the most common “side effects” of acne prone skin is hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is caused by an excess production of melanin - something that acne inflammation brings out. 

The color of these spots can range anywhere from red to brown and last for a varied amount of time. In my case, however, my discoloration won’t seem to go away.  Ever since my first major breakout I have had the same multiple spots on my cheek, some have slightly faded but none have faded to the point where I am comfortable leaving the house without makeup. 

Unfortunately, because I have acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation will always be a problem (as soon as one begins to fade I get another pimple that naturally leaves behind yet another unpleasant mark). 

I have consulted doctor after doctor and used product after product in hope that something will help clear up my hyperpigmentation but alas nothing has worked. I have been told that there are very limited options to getting rid of hyperpigmentation. Here is some example: creams, laser treatments, chemical peels, skin lighteners, derma-rollers, and the worst of all “time”. Over the counter creams and higher end creams personally, have to effect on my hyperpigmentation. Laser treatments are, again very expensive and time-consuming. Chemical peels and skin lighteners - very time-consuming and (along with the some of the other treatments) I am too young to have the procedure done. Derma-roller procedures carried out by a dermatologist are also time-consuming, expensive and require you to be a certain age. And lastly is the treatment I personally despise - time. 

Waiting it out has never worked for me and as I explained earlier it usually leaves me disappointed because I discover new spots left behind by current acne breakouts. 

This is why I am very fond of Banish Acne Scars' Banisher. I think that offering an at home alternative that is not only less expensive but also effective is a great idea. I know that many people will agree with me when I say having acne is a “gateway” problem, it starts off small and then gradually gets worse without proper treatments. But once the acne is treated then marks are left behind, whether it’s hyperpigmentation, scars, or both (like in my case)! 

The whole thing is a time consuming, money draining and humiliating process that can only be aided with products like Banish Acne Scars'. Products that have excellent feedback from people with acne problems similar/worse than yours and that are more about helping the public achieve the spot-free face they’ve always wanted.

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