October 03, 2015 0 Comments

By Sierra


After a few years of trouble with my skin I once again was facing a very bad breakout. Stress from work and a very toxic relationship caused the health of my skin to decline once again. What started out as a small breakout quickly turned into huge cystic bumps.

They had not yet broke the surface of my skin but I could feel them brewing deep down. I then decided to go to the dermatologist again, my last few visits the doctor mentioned that Accutane may be my only option since I had tried many other methods. I was very scared to use this medication so I decided to see a new doctor.

I found a new doctor on yelp that had very good reviews. Upon my first visit he assured me that I could clear up my acne without Accutane. He said it would take time but with consistent care I would once again be happy with the condition of my skin.

The first products I was prescribed to use was Burts Bee’s acne wash, Acanya gel and Cerave moisturizer. I used these products for a month and returned for a follow up visit. In between visits I would use the face wash in twice a day and the cream once a day at night before bed.

During the first month I noticed many of the cystic bumps I had, seemed to calm down and were less red. When I went to my second visit my skin felt better there wasn’t much improvement but it was a start. My doctor then slightly changed my skin care regimen, instead of using the acanya once I would then use it twice; morning and night.

In between October and November my skin seemed to get worse it became very irritated and itchy. Still I stuck with my skin care regimen and remained consistent. When I went back for my third visit in November my skin felt and looked horrible. I was very depressed and didn’t understand what was going on. The doctor then decided I needed a face wash that had less salicylic acid; Aveeno acne clearing wash was the new cleanser I started using. I also switched back to only using the Acanya once at night. He also gave me a new topical solution (Atralin) that I was supposed to use twice in between visits. The new face wash smelled good and had a good lather, having used aveeno products before I expected good results.

From November to December my skin starting showing improvement once again. Many of the large painful cystic bumps I had were now going down and the redness was starting to subside as well. By the end of 2014 I was happy with progress my skin had made. But I was unhappy with the many pits these huge cysts were leaving behind. I didn’t mind the hyper-pigmentation but the pitting was and still is a huge bother.