Embracing Simplicity and Setting a Routine

By Brit Hensel


When you are dealing with poor skin, it seems like the thought of finding a remedy stays at the front of the mind 24/7. Everything you do revolves around how to save your skin. Have you found yourself spending hours online searching for new remedies, ways to shrink your newest pimple, or magical concoctions that will cure your acne? It can be easy to jump from one possible answer to the next. It can be simple to want to try every product that promises results. When you are desperate the mentality becomes, “I have nothing to lose.”

Unfortunately, curing acne is not an overnight deal. In fact, it is something that requires patience and consistency. This is something that I have come to embrace, but I certainly learned the hard way. Rather than globbing on all kinds of products on my blemishes daily, I have learned to avoid stocking my bathroom cabinets with various products and to stick with products that I believe in.

First, I found natural skin care regimen that I felt comfortable with. I then cut out all the chemical filled products I was using and chose to get back to basics. Once I established a routine that left my skin feeling clean and healthy, I STUCK WITH IT. I forced myself to not buy the exciting new products and I kept to what I was doing. I practiced serious self control and patience. After a month is when I could really see the difference. I came up with a formula that worked for me and my skin. Now, this formula may not be best for you but it certainly helped me.

  1. Natural Consistent Skin Care
  2. Sweat a little each day
  3. Eat clean and avoid junk food and dairy

I learned that I had to work from the inside out. I got my diet right, found that working out gave me a healthy glow, and I stuck with an all natural skin care plan. I know it can be so hard to stick with something when it feels like you are not making progress. We all want to see changes right away, but that is not always the case. Being patient and allowing the products you try to really work is the only way to see if they are going to help you. No human being is the same, we are all different. Finding what works for you is a personal journey but it will take a little patience and perseverance to get there.

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