My Cystic Acne Breakout

June 26, 2017 0 Comments

by: ShuHui

I caused my own cystic acne breakout. Yes, you heard that right. I had crystal-clear skin throughout my teen years. In fact, my friends were envious of my face condition. I did not do much to care for my skin. All I did was to cleanse my face once a day. I would get one or two pimples during the time of the month. However, they would go away within a few days. So, you must be wondering how did I cause my cystic acne breakout then?

During August 2016, everything changed. I got a pimple on my cheeks. I was not very bothered by it. However, I was introduced to concealer and foundation. This is where everything went wrong. I applied a little concealer on my pimple and I was surprised at how good the coverage was. Ever since that day, I started piling on concealer and foundation on my face despite having little knowledge on skincare. I did not even have a potent cleanser that can clean my face off all the make-up I put on my face. Soon enough, my face started having more and more pimples. I was horrified. But, I still did not learn my lesson.

I piled even more concealer and foundation on my face to cover all those nasty pimples. Within a month, my face started developing painful cystic acne all over my cheeks. That’s when I realized I am doing it all wrong. However, I could not stop using the make-up. This is because I was afraid of being stared at for my nasty and bad skin condition. I was extremely scared of being judged of. I did not want anyone to make any remarks about my face even though I knew the bumps on my face were still visible despite being on make-up.

Hence, I continued to use concealer to cover up my acne. Trying to make up for my bad skin condition, I started applying benzoyl peroxide all over my face and using face masks every day. Never did I know, what I did was wrong too. I had dry patches all over my skin and my acne still did not go away. At this point of time, I was extremely depressed. All I can think of was my clear skin before all of this. I know I should not dwell on my past but I still did.

Right now, I am trying to heal my skin inside out and not applying anything harsh on my skin. I stick religiously to my skincare routine. 6 months have passed and my skin is now recovering well. I have learned my lesson: Not to pile make-up on your face when it is breaking out. Even if you must, make sure it is non-comedogenic and would not make your break-out worse.