My Skin's History and the Depression it Created

By: Ani

I’m a Southeast Asian girl that have been battling skin problems for the past three years. I’ve inherited my mom’s skin genes, which means that I’ve inherited her oily skin and large pores, a very common skin type of Southeast Asian people.

Although I’m aware of the fact that having oily skin can be beneficial since having skin that produces more oil means that the skin is easily hydrated. Easily hydrated skin also leads to a slower rate of wrinkle production, hence my skin will probably extend its youthfulness. My grandmother is in her 60’s and a lot of people have told her how they couldn’t believe that she’s actually in her 60’s because of the appearance of her skin; glowing, with only a few wrinkles. I’ve always hoped that when I’m older, my skin will look as young and healthy as hers and my mom’s, whose skin is also still very youthful-like. Though, too much of a good thing can also be bad, at least for me. My skin is SUPER oily.

My skin has affected my mental health. I used to be teased and bullied for having the shiniest, oiliest skin ever. The fact that I can’t control the production of oil in oil glands and people around me constantly made fun of me for it, it got me sad because I can’t change my skin type. Before middle school, my skin was smooth, blemish-free and also scar-free. Oh, how wonderful would it be if I could turn back time? The only thing about my grade-elementary skin was that small pimples (without any pus) would appear occasionally on my forehead. The other parts of my face would still be completely acne-free.

But as time moved on, after visiting the dermatologist several times even after the realization that it was one of the main reasons my face is now ‘’not too great’’ anymore, I have developed depression. Although I know that the condition of my face is not ‘severely bad’, I get upset on a daily basis. One of the reasons is because I have to get up very early in the morning at about 4 am for the sake of my skin, to make it look cleaner and blemish-free using my oil control, sunscreens and light coverage. 

It would take me about twenty to thirty minutes to do so, and I would have to sacrifice my sleep just so that my face would look as blemish-free as possible in school. It really sucks to have to be in a school with most of your thoughts being; “I can’t wait until I get home, wash my face, put on my night cream and not have to worry about people looking at my blemished face’’. I don’t want to. I don’t want to have to worry like this for the rest of my life. I want to wake up in the morning not having to put any coverage on my face, feel fresh and just go to school and focus on my studies.

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