Those Who Matter Won’t Mind; Those Who Mind Don’t Matter

By: Johanna

I had a couple friends, who had acne in high school, but none of us made a big deal about it because we were going up, our mentality was “This too shall pass”. For some of my friends it did pass, for others, it hasn’t like me, who started breaking out after high school. 

When we were in high school, young girls actually looked like young girls, not like these girls who are 11 looking 16. We were 16 looking 16, doing things that 16 years old‘s did. We weren’t wearing heavy makeup; actually, I don’t recall us wearing any make-up at all other than for school dances and school pictures.  

Surprisingly my friends are very supportive of all the crazy life-changing choices I have made over the years. They have seen my skin at its worse and NEVER made me feel out of place, they never tried to hide me away, never made me feel excluded. My friends keep me sane and balanced; none of them have dealt with acne, though. So it’s still hard to relate or see them eat everything and see them drink everything or them not having to worry about the types of makeup they put on their face. No one is the same but they love me for me and that’s really important to my mental health. 

I’ve dealt with guys I was infatuated with and they hit my insecurities and I let my friends know and they just have a barricade for me. A “safe zone” as I would consider it, where I am not compelled to cake on make-up, where I could be myself. I know stress is an issue that’s why our hiding grounds are the beaches, views, parks, hiking; Tactics to distract me from the cruel outside world. I was never nurtured growing up, everything I have learned and everything I am at this age is because I taught myself and I wanted to better myself. 

I won’t deny there were times I didn’t want to leave my house, I made excuses, I didn’t answer my phone, I pretty much fell off the spectrum but my friends showed up to my house and snapped me out of it. The people who are meant to be in your life will be there no matter what, good and bad times. Superficial things should matter to people who know what’s in your heart.

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