4 Things That May be Causing Your Acne

March 02, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

By: Thea

We go about our days avoiding products or objects that may be causing our acne: the consumption of dairy products, touching our faces, going to bed with makeup on. These are all basically common knowledge within the world of beauty and while we make sure to follow these rules, it always seems like there are a few stray pimples that appear. It gets frustrating because we do everything it takes to avoid these situations but it seems like the problem never disappears. However, you may not be considering things that could cause your acne. Here are four things that may actually be causing breakouts that you’ve never considered: 

  1. Long nails - Who doesn’t love long nails? They help elongate your fingers to seem more delicate and when given a nice manicure, they’re absolutely gorgeous. But that’s only the top part of the nail. Look underneath and it’s a whole different story. All sorts of dirt gets stuck under there and while you claim to wash them squeaky clean, the underside of your nails are never as clean as you think. The solution: cut them. It’s sad because you’ll lose that length but it’ll save your skin. 
  1. The way you’re washing your hair - Let’s be honest. Everyone loves a nice, steamy shower where you massage your hair and let the suds just run down your body. While it feels relaxing, it may not be the best for your skin. The different ingredients in your shampoo/conditioner could be clogging up your pores and causing those bumps on your chest and back. The solution: when washing your hair, tilt your head back so that the product can be rinsed off with minimal contact to your body. 
  1. Not properly cleaning your hats - Hats are a good way to hide a bad hair day or vamp up any outfit. But let’s face it, how many times have you actually washed that thing since you bought it? All the dirt that’s accumulated from sweat and makeup is constantly touching your forehead and hairline. The solution: clean your hat every once in awhile or whenever it’s gotten too dirty. 
  1. Using the wrong detergent - Finding the right laundry detergent can be hard. You want to find the right scent that’ll make your linens smell like fresh flowers. But sometimes those fresh flowers can be like thorns on your skin. The chemicals from the detergent may be too harsh, leading to breakouts all over the body. The solution finds a detergent that’s dye- and fragrance-free or something that’s safe for sensitive skin.

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