Travelling Tips with Go Clear Skin Care

July 13, 2017 0 Comments

Traveling the world always seems so intriguing until you find yourself sprouting pimples and zits after an eight-hour flight. As an individual that travels quite often, from family road trips to flying home from college, I know that acne can be an unavoidable part of travel. Tips using go clear skin care routine such as eating healthy and avoiding germs help combat the possibility of acne during travel, and make vacations more peaceful and memorable.

 Airports are home to millions of people departing and arriving daily. They are also home to millions of germs covering pretty much everything. From the escalators to the baggage claim, germs hinder our vacations and our complexions. The first step to clear skin, wherever you are, is to avoid touching your face and wash hands regularly. After all, there’s no such thing as being too clean while traveling.

Another important tip is to keep skin moisturized on long flights on car rides. Due to high altitudes and air conditioning, skin can become incredibly dry, thus causing the face to become even more oily to combat the dryness. This oil can clog pores and create pimples. The best tip is to create a barrier of moisturizer to protect your face from the dryness of flights and road trips. Moisturizers and face oils work great as barriers, as well as moisturizing primers. Make sure your face is clean, as well as your hands when you apply your moisturizer! A great moisturizer is my holy grail for travel and it really does prevent breakouts.

My last tip to avoid travel-induced acne is to eat right! While this is incredibly difficult since options are slim in airports and on road trips, it is possible. My tip is to buy healthy airport snacks and meals instead of eating the meals provided on long flights. Due to the cheap airline budgets, meals are incredibly unhealthy. Another reason to avoid the airplane food is that our taste buds are less receptive at high altitudes, so extra sodium is added to make meals taste better. This extra sodium is super unhealthy and can cause breakouts and more severe skin problems. As for road trips, try to choose wisely at fast food joints and restaurants. Even though that Big Mac sounds inviting, the salad or wrap will ensure no breakouts.

Travelling is an amazing way to see the world and make memories with family and friends. Vacations shouldn’t be hindered by breakouts, and thankfully can be avoided by avoiding germs, moisturizing and making healthy choices. Just simply follow these helpful go clear skin care hacks and you are well on your way to clear skin.